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  On the 7th of October 2013, Ford celebrated the 100-year anniversary of its moving assembly line, a revolutionary invention which would change the fate of mass production for decades to come. As CEO James Hackett rightly suggests the firm continues to use ‘the spirit of Henry Ford as a benchmark’ for its future endeavours.

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In this Essay, I will be discussing the political, economic and social developments in 20th century Spain, which led to the Civil War, and to what extent it could have had a different ending.   Politically, Spain had been through a lot of changes in the 20th century. Primo de Rivera’s dictatorship came about at

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Nowadays, to successfully deal with uncertainty in the external environment and achieve strategic competitiveness, all the firms must be aware of and clearly understand their external environment. The external environment of a company can be broken down into 3 segments, which are general environment analysis, industry analysis and competitor analysis. General environment analysis is to

Factors specialists being hired for this sole purpose.

Factors that are connected with the bargaining power of suppliers include the threat of forward integration, which is when companies attempt to control the direct, and in some cases the indirect distribution of its products, it also includes the concentration of suppliers in the industry. Supplier power decreases the ability for competitors in the industry

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     A large percentage of consumers perform web searches on mobile devices. Therefore, businesses have started investing more on their mobile websites than they have in the past. One only has to drive by a bus stop or ride on a train to see that a large number of people are glued to their phones.


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