·        Designed campaign strategy and cumulatively headed a teamof 400 volunteers for the execution of HalkeVich Captain, a statewide campaign, targeting 10 districts and managed thecentral budget of INR 10 million. ·        Prepared reports on the existing political scenario basedon retrospective data and contemporary political and social developments.·        Worked exclusively with Captain Amarinder Singh (ChiefMinister, Punjab) and increased

The the statement shall be clearly defines the

The mission statement is statement sets bythe company through its leader, ownership or top management. The statementstipulates values, behaviors, goals, standard and objectives as theorganization will interaction with the environment. The purpose of thestatement shall be clearly defines the aims and values of the company withrespect to the shareholders, employees, supplies and customers,environment andfurthermore the

Today scarcity, the fragility of the ecosystem, involvement

Today businesses are operating in ever more complexity (Suriyankietkaew, S., & Avery, G., 2016). Sustainabilityleadership is being challenged by the relentless march of climate change, waterscarcity, energy scarcity, the fragility of the ecosystem, involvement of thesociety, which threatens to cause economic, social as well as environmentaldiscontinuities (Nelson, J., 2012). The global economy battlesto find its

In as compare to others. The following table

In the following table the service deliveryprocess can be seen that give a look of the process of service from 2001thatalso reflects the time required to completely implement the system. Moreover,in most of thre processes there are some noticeable improvement.      Processes of design 2010 2012 Catalogue management 2. 6 2.7 Capacity management 2.0 2.3

Dividend Policy at Fpl Group, Inc.

Problem Kate Stark, the electric utilities analyst at First Equity Securities Corporation was faced with a decision involving FPL Group on May 5, 1994. Three weeks earlier, she had valued FPL with a “hold” recommendation due to the belief that FPL would either keep its dividend payout at $2. 48 or increase it slightly. Today

Caledonia Products

Caladonia Products Integrative Problem FIN 370 As a newly assigned assistant financial analyst at Caledonia Products, Team D has been charged with calculating the cost of two projects, projected returns, cost of equipment, and finally a recommendation as to which project to pursue and why. In order to make a recommendation we need all potential


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