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The French banking company Societe Generale (SocGen) was founded on May 4, 1864, and at the time of writing this case is headed by co-CEOs Philippe Citerne and Daniel Bouton. The bank has grown to serve 19.2 million individual customers in 76 countries. It employs 103,000 workers from 114 different nationalities. SocGen operates in three

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Thisresearch examines the impact of board characteristics on financial performanceof listed companies in Sri Lanka. Therefore thisstudy answers the following questions. 1.     What isthe relationship between board size & financial performanceof listed companies in Sri Lanka?2.     What isthe relationship between board composition & financialperformance of listed companies in Sri Lanka?3.     What isthe relationship between audit committee size & financialperformance

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The cash registers seem to be ringing non-stop, with cryptocurrencies ruling the charts across the globe. Everyone seems to be hopping onto the bandwagon of cryptocurrencies, with a steady increase in the number of startups offering their own iterations of these virtual currencies. If you too are a company looking to cash in on this

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In examining therelationship between contractual governance, relational governance on family firmfinancial performance, scholars Boateng, Wen, & Brew (2015) have investigateda study from a survey of 2432 management and non-management employees offamily businesses across China and Ghana. The study was confirming four main hypotheses,whether the level of contractual complexity has or has no effect on individualand

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This essay will be discussingthe benefits and downsides of profit maximisation, the principal agent problem,other objectives a firm should think about and also answer the question, isprofit maximisation the only objective of a firm.According to Duflo &Karlan 2012, economic theories have claimed that firms will do anything tomaximize their profit. In 2013, Nekipeloy stated that

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Abstract            The relationship between corporategovernance mechanisms and firm performance has been a topic of interest in theresearch world for many years. Some researchers believe that the relationshipbetween these two variables is positive and others believe that corporategovernance has absolutely no impact on the performance of a firm. This study analyzesthe different theories on this subject,

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Globalizationis creating numerous opportunities for sharing knowledge, technology, socialvalues, and behavioral norms and promoting development at different levelsincluding individual’s organization, and societies across different countriesand cultures. Globalization leads to increased competition. Thegood side of globalization is all about the efficiencies and opportunities openmarkets create. Business can communicate efficiently and effectively with theirsuppliers and distribution networks.

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Overthe past decades, the challenges of corporate governance continue to influencethe way in which firms perform. It is ever-present in the conflicts ofinterest, differences in decision-making and the rise of residual losses(Jensen and Meckling 1976: 310). These challenges, or agency costs, are sofar-reaching in firms that it is inevitable to search for reasons which explainthe

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 Risk management can be defined as asystematic approach to managing risks that threaten the assets and income of abusiness or entrepreneurship. There are five types of risks in business have beenidentified that are relevant to takafulas follows:1.    Underwriting risk2.    Operational risks3.     Credit risk4.    Liquidity risk5.    Market risk Underwriting risk andoperational risk are directly related to the operations of the takaful

CORPORATE OVERVIEW Larsen & Toubro overall view Larsen

CORPORATEOVERVIEWLarsen & Toubro overall viewLarsen & Toubro is a majortechnology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial servicesconglomerate, with global operations. L&T addresses critical needs in keysectors – Hydrocarbon, Infrastructure, Power, Process Industries and Defense -for customers in over 30 countries around the world.  L&T is engaged in core, highimpact sectors of the economy and our integrated

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The Medici Case is a classic example that shows the importance of good corporate governance by establishing a balance between control and entrepreneurial initiative. Cosimo de Medici created a plethora of partnerships and built a de-centralized organizational structure that incentivized partners to generate higher returns through profit sharing and autonomy. His multivocal leadership style exemplifies

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 Backgroundto the StudyAccordingto Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (2003),entrepreneurship accounts for between twenty and forty percent of totalproductivity growth in eight selected OECD countries, therefore supporting theidea that entrepreneurs represent one of the driving forces of economic growthand development. Developing countries have generally cometo acknowledge the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sector as

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SatyamComputer Services, India’s fourth largest IT firm and a leading outsourcingcompany that counts General Electric, General Motors, Nestle, the USGovernment, Qantas and National Australia Bank amongst its clients, suddenlycollapsed on 7th January 2009. Just four months after receiving the ‘GoldenPeacock Award’ for Global Excellence in Corporate Governance, a confessionalletter from the founder and Chairman of

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1.1 IntroductionThis work will elaborate on the role and responsibilities of internal auditors towardsmanagement, in the detection and prevention of fraud. In recent years, the significanceof good corporate governance has received notable regulatory and public attention. Afundamental part on an organisation which is its internal audit department, has for dutyto safeguard the integrity of the

RESEARCH practices of retail investors in equity markets,

RESEARCH PAPER ON FINANCE AND CAPITAL MARKETMr.Akshay Kumar, Mr.Rohan Chauhan, Mr. Manish DubeyStudent: University Of Delhi  ABSTRACTFinance,  specifically, in corporate  terms,  the system of  internal  control regarding  the procurement  and  effective  utilization of funds  post  identification  of feasible investment opportunities  pertaining  to profitability  promotion  that adequately compensate  for  the cost  and  risk borne  by  the business  undertaking/enterprise.Capital market, in India, has  been  significantly contributing  towards  the facilitation 


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