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LIBRARY AS A LEARNING HOUSE TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OFEDUCATION IN THE COMMUNITY Submitted to fulfill the task of preparation phasetogether (TPB)Padjadjaran University  Compiled By:EKA MAULIDYA CAHYANI220110170249       PADJADJARAN UNIVERSITYPSDKUFACULTY OF NURSINGPANGANDARAN2018THE PREFACEPraisebe to God Almighty for His blessings and grace so that I can complete the taskof creating this paper. Sources in the preparation of this paper comes

Social to offer are diverse in nature and

Social Work as a career option and its future prospectsSocial work is a collaborative profession bounded by the values of social justice, integrity, competence, importance of human relationships and dignity and worth of a person. Conceptualizing social work profession revolves around the practice to empower disadvantaged, marginalized and oppressed groups and individuals and at the

Based flows, inflation, and government consumption. This relationship

Based on asample of 128 countries over 1980–2013, this paper’s analysis showed thatfinancial development boosts growth, but the impacts weaken at higher levels offinancial development, and eventually become negative. Empirical analysis demonstratedthat there was a significant, bell-shaped, relationship between financialdevelopment and growth. The estimation approach addressed the endogeneity problemand controls for crisis episodes as well

Researcher strength decline whereas other abilities such as

Researcher are interested thatentrepreneurship as the means to remove the youth unemployment and also toimprove the financial stability at higher ages. However, only few have examinedthe association between age and entrepreneurship activities. Some Previousstudies have explained the negative impact of age on entrepreneurship, butpositive impact of age over entrepreneurship activities, using cross sectionalstudy still need

Membangun the ability of entrepreneur is very useful

MembangunObjek Wisata Daerah Cimenyan, BandungDenganMenerapkan Kemampuan Entrepreneur RiskaPradiptaNIM:63714012 JurusanSastra InggrisFakultasSastraUniversitasKomputer IndonesiaEmail:[email protected]   ABSTRACTThe needs oftoday’s society are varied increasingly. Despite the presence of primary needs,humans also need a secondary need to satisfy themselves. One of their needs istourism. Humans need a tourist object to calm them from the busy routine in theoffice and urban atmosphere. Therefore, this paper makes

India and Russia concluded a comprehensive agreement on

India and Russia concluded a comprehensive agreement on security and reviewed the implementation of the Agreement on Information Security signed in October 2016 during the just-concluded visit of Home Minister Rajnath Singh.First phase of Chabahar port work over, Iran tells India, eyes Sunday launch (Indian Express)This comes exactly a month after India had operationalised Chabahar port and

‘Conflict’ 50 compared to 41 in 2014. Battle

‘Conflict’ is a term, into which people usually put negativemeaning and define as ineligible. When we talk about our ordinary life, we usedto think about conflicts as of variance of opinions which leads to collision ordisagreement, in extreme cases – to fights, battles and struggles (CollinsEnglish Dictionary, 2012). Unfortunately, a number of arm-forced conflicts allover


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