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Any new productconsidered over innovative or concluded market request, which cannot assuranceachievement. Consequently, product design or service delivery needs deal andfacility of incomes that is corresponding during the development life cycle.The maindissimilarities between Products and services are products are tangible, butservices intangible, frequently depends on receiver, and deal direct with customer,Product lifecycle Management (PLM)Actualmanagement of

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PART AReflection piece onleadership experienceIntroductionAs part of this critical reflection assignment, it is a requirementthat I reflect on my own experience as a Leader where I have demonstrated ahigh level of emotional intelligence. It is also a requirement to use thetheory to demonstrate my learning’s.Example 1I was a Human Resources Manager for a Mining organisation,supervising

Case I. Job Responsibilities II. Review Accomplishment III.

Case AnalysisGranite Rock company hasimplemented several Human Resource Management (HRM) initiatives to improve itscustomer satisfaction index. These initiatives include the following:      I.         Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)    II.         Training   III.          Employee Empowerment Individual ProfessionalDevelopment Plan (IPDP) is a written plan outlining your career goals andthe steps you need to take to meet those goals. It helps you

The oil and gas sector is among the

The oil and gas sector is among the six core industries in India and plays a major role in influencing decision making for all the other important sections of the economy. In 1997–98, the New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP) was envisaged to fill the ever-increasing gap between India’s gas demand and supply. India’s economic growth

REPORT learning techniques. Also the pattern recognition process,

REPORTABSTRACTMachine Learning an Artificialalgorithm tends to be pretty sophisticated. It gives the computers the abilityto learn from the surrounding data and make decisions. Instead of buildingheavy machines we have built such algorithms that eventually helps to decreasethe number of complex algorithms and helps the computer become independent. Insuch cases pattern recognition becomes one the most

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Economic is a social science about theproduction, manufacturing, distribution and consumption of products and services.It is the study of the choice of allocation resources to be able to gain satisfactorily want and needof the individuals, business firms, nations and their concerning governmentshow to organize these groups and coordinate to gain maximum output. It isconcerning with

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Seven Modern Perspectives in PsychologyBrittney GallardoNavarro College Author NoteBrittney Gallardo, Department of Psychology, Navarro College Seven Modern Perspectives in PsychologyThis paper explores the seven modern perspectives inpsychology. These perspectives help to understand how a human behaves, think,and feel. Each perspective emphasizes different aspects of the human mind. Theperspectives divide the human mind in how they

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As important thing i would like to highlight.

As the Professor of Electrical and Electronics department of the college, I know Mr. Nuthish Radhakrishna Pillai for the past few years. I am very happy about his decision of pursuing masters in Electrical Engineering from a very reputed university in United States.I strongly recommend for his admission to the graduate program as he was


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