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Globalization is creating numerous opportunities for sharing knowledge, technology, social values, and behavioral norms and promoting development at different levels including individual’s organization, and societies across different countries and cultures. Globalization leads to increased competition. The good side of globalization is all about the efficiencies and opportunities open markets create. Business can communicate efficiently and

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The Medici Case is a classic example that shows the importance of good corporate governance by establishing a balance between control and entrepreneurial initiative. Cosimo de Medici created a plethora of partnerships and built a de-centralized organizational structure that incentivized partners to generate higher returns through profit sharing and autonomy. His multivocal leadership style exemplifies

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  Background to the Study According to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (2003), entrepreneurship accounts for between twenty and forty percent of total productivity growth in eight selected OECD countries, therefore supporting the idea that entrepreneurs represent one of the driving forces of economic growth and development. Developing countries have generally come to

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Satyam Computer Services, India’s fourth largest IT firm and a leading outsourcing company that counts General Electric, General Motors, Nestle, the US Government, Qantas and National Australia Bank amongst its clients, suddenly collapsed on 7th January 2009. Just four months after receiving the ‘Golden Peacock Award’ for Global Excellence in Corporate Governance, a confessional letter

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1.1 Introduction This work will elaborate on the role and responsibilities of internal auditors towards management, in the detection and prevention of fraud. In recent years, the significance of good corporate governance has received notable regulatory and public attention. A fundamental part on an organisation which is its internal audit department, has for duty to


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