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A more diverse group may take longer to reach peak performance due to the number of cultures, language differences, and interpretation of the tasks to be completed, but once they do develop, diverse groups are equally productive and may even be more creative in problem-solving because members have access to a broader base of ideas

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It is a basic cause for an individual’s wants and behaviour. When young, we all our thought about basic values, perceptions and wants from our family or any other important group. Countries with similar per-capita income may have different wants or preferences for products. Organisations or the companies always look out for that ‘cultural shifts’

Stimulant, levels in the limbic system. The appetite-suppressing

Stimulant, any of a group of drugs that excite the central nervous system, increase alertness, and reduce fatigue. Caffeine is perhaps the most socially acceptable and commonly used stimulant. Other stimulants include cocaine and amphetamines, which create intense feelings of euphoria (well-being). Amphetamines, commonly known as pep pills or diet pills, also decrease appetite. Stimulants


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