Companies activities which promote human welfare and goodwill.

Companies realising the importance of CSR, in particular business ethics ought to encourage ethical behaviour and discourage undesirable conduct by eliminating unethical persons and improving the firm’s ethical standards. An organisation should develope an organisational complaince program by establishing, communicating, and monitoring ethical values and legal requirements that characterise its history, culture, industry, and operating

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 One important fact is, as mentioned earlier, that the Chinese prefer to deal with people they already know and trust. This is of course the case also in many other countries, but in China relationship is especially important. Western companies therefore need to make themselves known to the Chinese before any business can take place.

Case A. Goodman was a real estate

Case 36. 11 : Business Ethics John A. Goodman was a real estate salesman in the state of Washington. Goodman sold to Darden, Doman & Stafford Associates (DDS), a general partnership n apartment building that needed extensive renovation. Goodman represented that he personally had experience in renovation work. During the course of negotiations on a

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Allparties who involved in the current issues are stakeholder. Previous researcheshave declared it clearly. Stakeholder is some group or individual that caninfluence one and another through  attainment of the organization objectives suchas actions, policies, decisions, and target (Xu & Li, 2013). Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics divides stakeholderas primary one and secondary one. Primary stakeholders

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Intheir Business Ethics Quarterly article: “The Poor as Suppliers of Intellectual Property: A SocialNetwork Approach to Sustainable Poverty Alleviation”, Sridevi Shivarajan& Aravind Srinivasan(2013) have suggested different kind of povertyalleviation approach for the poor to make them aware of global knowledge andmoving with society by gaining access to different kinds of resources so thatthey can learn

Ethics and social responsibility play an important

Ethics and social responsibility play an important role in business management. Organizations, both public and private, feel the need to incorporate corporate responsibility in their organizational culture. Ethics deals with knowing what is wrong and what is right. Business ethics encompasses analyzing ethical decisions, beliefs, and actions inline with business activities. Organizations are expected to

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Introduction The lay understanding of moral competence is good character. Character is a multifaceted construct that captures the totality of an individual’s thoughts, sentiments and behaviors. In the course of my studies, I have learnt how an individual can use the moral competence inventory in order to identify his moral strength or weakness. In day-to-day

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Introduction section Modern ways of managing businesses emphasizes on the ideas used in managing customer relations based on the provided business concepts. Great responsibilities are realized in managing applicable decisions that drive the business entity into greater positions within the market environment. Ethics and ethical decision making presents one of the biggest challenges within the

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Introduction Business ethics revolves around ensuring that various moral and ethical principles in business environments are adhered to. This is because there are distinct and diverse ethical issues and problems that can arise in a given business environment or surrounding (Bradburn 2001, p. 9). As much as business ethics applies to all issues that are

Introduction Companies are concerned about the relation

Introduction Companies are concerned about the relation they maintain with their operating environment. Consumers have become enlightened; they are demanding a share of a company’s profits through corporate social responsibilities (CSRs) activities (Mitsubishi Corporate website 2010, b). On the other hand, companies are finding it ethical to have CSRs programs in their corporate functions. CSRs


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