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A well-balanced article is that of technology journalist David Berlind. He writes, “leveraging technology has led to measurable productivity gains… but it has also led to a culture in which the lines between business and home life are blurring.” Technologies that have been relevant to business lives are now equally relevant to personal lives; Berlind

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 There are many researchers that had carried out research on the issues of indirectness in linguistic. The researcher has to admit that her idea is not fresh but she managed to make it ‘new’ by discussing it in the Malay context. However, the research does not portray the whole Malaysian context as the researcher limits

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The AIM planning process for audience analysis is one component that thinks about the need for the audience, priorities, and values. ( Cardon, 2013). This component will review how the audience will respond when getting the message in thought feeling and action. Consider how the message will impact the relationships. (Cardon, 2013) Effective business communicators

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Step 1 – Recap and analyze the relevant facts Land’s End is the manufacturer and retailer of clothes. It is one of the first companies to use Internet in order to promote and distribute its products. It should be noted that this organization consists of many departments such as customer service, shipment department, numerous production

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I. Communication is rather a science than an art. Communication has always played an important role in human’s life. According to Means (2009) the main purpose of communication is “to obtain and share information” (Means, 2009, p.6). This definition explains why communication is one of the major tools in the development of various fields. People

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Executive summary Communication is an integral part of human life; with increase in technology more communication methods are devised. Mobile technology has taken center stage all over the world. There are many companies that are targeting the increased market. Nokia is one of the leading world producers of mobile phones. China has the world largest

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Introduction Up until recently, communication with the outside world was difficult due to lack of technology. Engaging in global businesses was almost impossible but that has now changed and global communication has been made easy. Introduction of new and effective technology such as internet, telephones and televisions has made communication cheaper and faster. With our

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Introduction Marketing refers to the commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service. It is basically the mechanism through which producers of commodities and service providers build up consumer interest in their goods and/or services. Marketing comes up with an elaborate and systematic course of action that forms the base

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Introduction Psychologists refer to resistance to change as a natural reaction to uncertainty and/or the unknown. Organizations have human capital thus in times of change resistance is dominant. A change is likely to revolutionize the status quo in an organization; the nature of human beings is that they rather stay under the current prevailing condition

Introduction Societal culture defines issues and expected

Introduction Company A produces engine components that undergo an extra heat-hardening process that provides extended life for engines from heavy-duty trucks, and it provides specialized machine engine components to all major U.S. truck and automobile manufacturers. The company would like to expand its market to China. This paper looks into major cross-cultural issues that company


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