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Despite a number of assumptions and characteristics in common, the innate disciplinary base of a qualitative study differs on the facet of purpose and design. The most popular and much-practised kind of qualitative inquiries are:Grounded Theory: The term grounded theory first came to prominence with the publication of The Discovery of Grounded Theory by Glaser

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This study examined the factors being the independent variables on the suppliers’ timely delivery of materials and services being the dependent variable. The case study was on Gathuthi Tea Factory which is among the leading producer of high quality black CTC tea globally and where the suppliers of raw materials are mainly growers of the

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In today’s fastly developing world, almost all economic systems, organizations and manager teams are looking for modern and practical approaches in order to achieve best competitive advantages and survive. Effective management processes that will help define and apply the best practices in overall business strategy planning are vital for improvement. For such global reasons, benchmarking

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Introduction: This case study depicts the possible factors and entities by the company Levis following to reduce the incidents like building accidents occurred in Bangladesh sabotaging the lives of more than 1200 peoples and their families. Levis followed this traces immediate after 2012 happenings. Levis being the most accepted brand among the millennials make them

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I believe that this case study research of child obesity and its’s correlation with their sports participation is a very important study because for years the government have been looking for a suitable solution to reduce the rising number of children which are currently obese. This study is important as it is essential that each

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Introduction   Research, according to Hatch and Lazaraton (1991), means trying to provide answers to important questions or problems in an organized, systematic way that generally leads to discovery or interpretation of facts. Research is therefore believed to contribute profoundly to knowledge in particular fields. In order to do successful research which yield valid and


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