Inroduction to Effective BusinessCommunication Barriers to Communication in

InroductionCommunication plays a crucial role in any kind of business.Although effective communication does not guarantee success of any business butin effective communication assure problem and very soon these problems willbecome a crisis. Communication in any business is  of vital importance to be able to expressobjectives, necessities, emotions etc. In business, communication is used topromote a

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I have completed Bachelor of Engineering inElectrical Engineering from Mumbai University. I possess some IT skills. Duringthe third year, I got a chance to study Project Management which has got itsimplementation in business sector. The subject called as Business Communicationand Ethics has helped me in improving my communication and presentation skills.I have also learned Matlab

Communication countries. At some point, Intercultural communication is

Communication is thetransfer of knowledge, skills, emotions, feelings and information from oneperson to another. Culture are the ideas, customs and social behaviour of aparticular people or society. Intercultural communication is a communicationwhich takes place across different cultures and social groups. It consists ofwide range of communication processes that appear within an organization madeup of individuals

Visual Communication

Nowadays, visual communication has developed in the line of the developing of technology. Firstly, what is the meaning of visual communication? In my word, visual communication is a process where by information is delivered using media that can be read or looked. Moreover, the idea of visual communication is how to express your idea into


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