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Client prospecting, analysing, and strategising your marketing channels will all grow your business and add to your bottom line but maintaining your Drupal web property could double or triple your market value.90 percent of operations are no less important, but aspects of security, maintenance, and the backend Drupal essentials shouldn’t be less taken care of.

Bookmarks These cheap tools offer facilities for any

Bookmarks are ideal choice to let your customers know aboutprimary information of your business. Several industries use bookmark tools to build their credibility. It offersopportunities other than just a bookmark. It is just anamazing promotional tool that acts as a silent salesperson that reflects yourbusiness motive. They are easy to create, distribute and carry. Colorful

The wrestling world by beating all the odds.

The case study tries to evaluate the product placements incorporated inthe biggest hit of the year 2016 a bollywood movie “Sultan” with the lead actorSalman Khan portraying the role of a wrestler from a small town making it bigin the wrestling world by beating all the odds. Eyeballs and potential reach iswhat marketers are after

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IntroductionBranding a product isthe strategy in which a product is made to effectively interact with itsconsumers and prospects through logo, design and messaging. It helps tomaintain a well-connected connection between the client and the productsthroughout its lifecycle. Good examples of effectively branded products includeare Coca-Cola. Due to its ability to interact with clients, the production

Industry penetration and acceptance of the brand by

Industry Analysis      By –Omansh Sharma80303170105  Table of ContentsConsumer Electrical. 3Anchor Electricals. 3Industry and Competition. 41.    Market Size and Characteristics  4Ø   Switches  4Ø   Lighting  8Ø   FAN  132.   Market Trends and Structure  14Ø   Switches  14Ø   Lighting  16Ø   Fans  22References. 23           Consumer ElectricalIndian consumer electrical market is expected to have strong growth in the coming years with an estimate to

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Standards of Purchase Specifications for Foods Food andBeverage is a very big business. To stay and be successful in this business, youhave to know basic things about it.Food costare controlled by 5 standards which all employees and managers have to follow:Standard purchase specificationsStandard recipesStandard yieldsStandard portion sizesStandard portion costsTocalculate the standard of food cost, you have

OYO convenience. Predictability- Booking an OYO gives a

OYO Rooms strives to provide toits customers the same amenities and the same awesome experience across all itsrooms. The main USP of OYO rooms is that it provides hotel rooms at prices thatno other player in the budget segment offers today.The OYO Promise consists of threemain elements- Availability, Predictability and Affordability.Availability- OYO rooms has afootprint

Introduction say that a mental toughness and resilience

IntroductionAs a mature student, I must admit that I was slightlyclosed minded when enrolling in a module about personal development.  After all, I have seen and/or experiencedsituations in my life that most of my fellow students never will.  As a U.S. Marine, I had the misfortune ofseeing other servicemen killed.  As afirefighter, I was witness

Instagram up a no-brainer option for entrepreneurs. I

Instagram Following the astronomic achievement of Instagram in 2017 weare able to barely await 2018, with the ranges outperforming contender Snapchatvia August, 2017. I anticipate that this channel will lead the exchange inmultiplied reality as its peer’s war to live privy to its cutting-edge 300million every day clients. That is tremendous. You could possibly assumebusiness

Rogers financially. Amazon and Sears Holdings struck a

RogersC. OttiMGT-670 FinalsBusinessDescription:”Sears Holdings”, a household name as we all know it has gone through many upsand downs. Starting from the days they were individual companies (Sears andKmart), they struggled to stay afloat and remain competitive in the retailindustry. Sears was founded in 1886 by Richard W. Sears and Alvah C. Roebuck,and it later merged


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