Business needto invest more on digital marketing and social media campaigns to capture theright target audience. Do you agree?  Do you have your ownbusiness? Are you planning to start a new one? The first step you should focuson it to attract costumer, is to invest in excellent marketing plan. Nowadaysall our lives are going toward technology, and trying to get things in a veryeasy way by using mobile application, internet and social media. So as a selleryou should advertise in many media platforms and not ignoring this idea; becauseof high percentage of the target audiences are spending the majority of theirtime on using internet.

Furthermore, the old or traditional way in advertisinghas changed to online marketing, so you should keep updated with developmentsand invest in digital marketing, then if your product not exist online soaren’t exist, also not relying on only your website, you should have accountsin facebook,twitter,Instagram,…,etc. In my essay I’ll talk about the major fivereasons why business need to invest more on digital marketing and social mediacampaigns.          Firstreason, social media marketing will improve and enhance the rate of your sales.Do you knowthat due to latest statistics that 70% of the sellers get their customers from facebook1 ? do you knowthat 84% of managers and advertisers rely on social media in making purchasingdecisions2 ? Firstly, when you make your brand appear whereveryour costumers visit any social platform, and they need product you sell or youhave it already the first choice will come to their minds is your product; becauseof your plan of keeping your brand appear repeatedly in social platforms. Furthermore,you can push the costumer to buy from your brand by making offers or promotionsfor who visit this website and motivate him to buy the product from your brand.          Second reason, you can keep close to the market and thedemand of your costumers by the daily interaction between you and yourcostumers.

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After that, you can adjust your marketing strategy based on yourstudies and statistics you made from these interactions with the market insocial platforms.                                  


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