– Focus: The ability of the leader is to call the shots and make sure that all the people are focused and concentrated on the most valuable use of their time as it is essential to the excellent performances. Leader focuses on the needs of the company, the results on what must be achieved and strengths of the organizations on the things that the team does in order to satisfy the demand of the customers in a competitive marketplace.

  – Courage: Courage is considered as the foremost of the virtues and the most identifiable outward and important trait. Having courage means the person is willing to take risk in the achievement of the goal without any assurance of success as there is no certainty in life or business and every commitment you make or the action you take entails a risk of some kind.  – Communication: Communication is one of the fundamental leadership capabilities and is a two-way street with listening as important as speaking.

 Great leaders incredibly listen well as a part of their communication. Another important thing is the ability to speak effectively and persuasively which makes a good leader a great leader.  – Intelligence: Intelligence is something which is very difficult to develop but can be developed by committing to continual learning both formally and informally. Intelligence can be noticed by observing behaviour and attitude. One of the important signs of a person who is truly intelligent is humility which can be demonstrated by gently leading people towards understanding even when you know the answer.

  – Humble: People consider leaders who are down to earth more effective as they are easy to relate. Also,they feel more comfortable with leaders who are humble and compassionate. Strive to understand where other people come from and developing a healthy, grounded perspective on their own achievements.  – Positive attitude: It is important to have a positive attitude as it shows you the bright side of life, helps you to become optimistic and helps yo to expect the best to happen.

It helps one to cope more easily with the daily life affairs, avoid worries, negative thinking and bring constructive changes in life which helps one to become more happier and successful.    


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