Brief summary of the article:Facebooknewsfeed will be selective with friends and family posts rather than news postedby other brands or pages and it also focus on news that is been posted bytrusted origin. As they are not sure about the origins which can be trusted, soFacebook decided to ask its users about the sources which they trust in theform of a survey. As we know Facebook is mostly used socialmedia the spreading of genuine and fake information is rapid.

This survey isnot to expose or punish the organization who posts fake news but to filter thenews feed according to the user interests and from trusted sources. Mark mainaim is to improve news feed with trusted new and meaningful interaction wheretime spent on Facebook should be worth it. A clear explanation of the ethical,legal, or social issue this article addresses: Social media is the main source to spread information,so any news posted will be a sensation as it reaches vast number of peoplerapidly. Zack thinks it is better to prevent rather than solving them afterreaching audience.

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A propaganda machine during US election have attractedpeople to click on, like and share to share stories and clickbait headlines tocheck how fast Facebook users can spread fake news. And Facebook is not goingto reveal the organizations scores which are obtained from the survey which isbeen conducted. This is not the first trial for Facebook previously it triedwith other organizations and reconfiguring algorithms to find hoaxes and evenusers to flag them when they find one. My opinion on this issue based on thisarticle:Markis trying to improve the news feed and prioritize the posts that are to beshown on our page and this is interesting because Facebook newsfeed will befilled with information which is relevant to the user rather than which theyare not interested in. Thus, Facebook want its users to access validatedinformation than false and malicious contents. This will not reduce theinformation which we see on our news feed but will balance news from trustedsources.


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