Brian NgoMs. MarkwalterLanguage Arts10 January, 2018Of Mice and Men PrologueLife during the Great Depression was difficult as it was the worst and longest economic crisis in history. During the beginning of the story, the story sets out during the Great Depression and introduces us the two main protagonists, George and Lennie, these two characters have worked together on a farm in Weed, California for quite a long time. George, a man who’s smart and caring, has to handle most of the responsibility for both Lennie and himself. George is displayed throughout the story often ranting to Lennie about how his life would be much easier if he wasn’t around Lennie but these statements reveal a big meaning towards his desire to protect Lennie and take care of him in order to accomplish their goals and dreams of having their own farm but for very different reasons.

George wants to be a boss owner and to be known as a “somebody” while Lennie wants to pet a lot of soft animals such as bunnies in his own farm. Lennie is someone who’s child-like, throughout the story we’re able to see that he isn’t really bright because he’s mentally disabled. His dream of petting soft animals leads him to always asking George to re-explain the story of having their own farm and having a lot of soft animals.

These two characters are powerless due to the social and economic circumstances, this meant that they aren’t as dynamic compared to other characters throughout the story and therefore throughout the story their personality and traits remained the same. These two characters share very different traits, which builds a connection and together they see each other as not only friends but family. This wasn’t often the case though as George used to make fun of Lennie but after George realized that Lennie sticked by him and was loyal to him, he was able to trust him, this created a bond that lead to their friendship. Steinbeck’s experience of when he was working alongside farming workers when he was a teenager inspired him to explain his perspective on how life was during 1910s. Steinbeck’s use of grammar and word choice provides a realistic perception of life throughout the Great Depression.

Throughout the story, George and Lennie’s work ethic pushes them to remain motivated throughout the journey and to not only benefit themselves right now but for the future as-well. However because Lennie often likes to touch soft things, he has a tendency of petting mice and anything soft. The tendency of him liking to pet things goes against him as he’s characterized as a strong man so throughout the story we see him killing soft animals such as mice and rabbits unintentionally. During their final moments in the city of Weed, Lennie notices a woman’s dress because of its soft fabric. This leads him to continually feeling the fabric of the woman’s dress and refusing to let go.

Due to his mental disability he doesn’t realise that this his actions were negatively causing the woman to scream for help. It forced George and Lennie to have to run away from the city of Weed and caused them to be chased after by a bunch of men and dogs. This event lead them to having to go to a city that they didn’t know a lot about and forced them to have to find a different ranch to work at in order to continue to go after their dreams of having their own farm. While this event occurred and caused a negative output, this lead them both to working on a new farm where they’re able to meet new people and expand upon their dreams of having their own farm.


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