BGR BGR, what does it stand for? BGR stands for boy-girl relationship. What is it you might ask? Is it the intimate relationship between a boy and girl? Courtship? The relationship that holds a marriage together? Or is it just a typical relationship between a boy and girl? To be frank, it is all of the above stated.

BGR is all about the relationship between a male and female whether it is intimate or not. Relationships are very important in our lives.It is what strives us to be who we are and it is able to change the character of person, depending on the relation that is established and the intention of a person of what he/she wants to gain from it, but above all else, relationships are still important. Moving on, I’d like to ask of you, what do you think runs a relationship? To me, relationships are run on trust.

Without trust, a relationship is nothing more than a car without fuel. It will not move and will never last. There is a saying that goes “trust is greater than love” and to this I agree fully. Why do I say so?Because to love is to have a feeling of affection towards another person.

Whereas to trust a person is to believe in that person fully without doubt in mind. That is why a relationship has to be fuelled by a strong trust between 2 people and not to forget about love as it is also important. Going back to the main topic, BGR is a very important relationship as it can go beyond friendship between a boy and a girl, although it is possible to keep a BGR as a platonic friendship. A platonic friendship is a relationship between 2 people that will just remain as friends and will never go beyond that.

Most people get tend to get involved in a boy-girl relationship very often these days. Sometimes, I even wonder what they hope to gain from it. I see most people who are indulging in this type of relationship as to be hopping around from 1 person to another after breaking up with their current lover, if it can be said as that. From that, I’ll like to ask another question, which is, when do you think is the appropriate age to get involved in an intimate relationship with someone the opposite gender?Most teenagers these days, especially those who are still in their schooling years tend to get involved in relationships or want to get involved in a relationship. The age groups of these people are mostly aged between 15-17 years of age.

Though many parents might oppose to the idea of their child having a boyfriend or a girlfriend at that age, I would say that it is not wrong to have an intimate relationship with someone the opposite gender at that age; neither will I say that it is right to do so.For a situation like this, it is not to take a stand on whether it is right or wrong to be involved in an intimate relationship; rather it is to be looked upon the level of maturity of the people involved in the relationship. Although most teenagers do get involved in an intimate relationship only for the fun of it – so they say, that does not mean that every single teenager that does, does so only for the fun of it. Some teenagers can be quite compassionate in their relationships and are willing to do what it takes to sustain that relationship until they are older and ready for marriage.

Getting into a relationship involves taking a higher responsibility and knowing to set one’s priorities right. Being in a relationship does not mean that homeworks can be abandoned and left to rot inside the school bag, for that would be obsession. Obsession should always be avoided at all times in a relationship, because if a person is obsessed, he/she would only be doing everything to be with her/him all the time, and would literally be lifeless. From what I’ve said, we know that many parents would be opposing to their child getting involved in a relationship.One of the many reasons is because relationships these days are being abused by one party or another. We see many young couples getting involved in premarital sex and will be ending up getting unwanted children. Another reason that relationships for teenagers is said to be unsuitable is because of the suicide tendencies that a person might get if the relationship goes wrong and ends in a disappointing state.

As evidence for my statement, we see many suicide cases these days, which is sourced from broken BGRs or BGRs that have gone absolutely wrong.The third reason I will give is that many relationships are influenced by the media these days. From media I mean to say movies and television drama series that are being aired around the world.

We see many romantic scenes and all of these scenes tend to influence a person to get involved in an intimate relationship and they will run the relationship based on what they know from that influence the received. In the end, it is most ironic to see that most of those relationships turning upside down because they are unable to become heroes or to do some heroic deed.For my next part, I would like to say that despite of all those objections, the core of a relationship should be the heart of the people involved as well as their maturity, as I have stated earlier.

If both parties involved are willing to commit fully to the relationship and are able to think and draw out the consequences of whatever might happen and how to solve it, I would say that there would be no problem in that relationship unless one party screws up the whole relationship.Many a times when a relationship goes into jeopardy is because one party is not as committed as the other and could be said as taking the relationship for the fun of it. But amongst all else, boy-girl relationships are still very unpredictable and cannot be put into words as to how to run a successful relationship for everyone has different characteristics and emotions.

I would like to end here, hoping that all I have said will help all of you in your future relationships one day another. Before I end, I would like to add in that all of you should know what your goals are when you get involved in a relationship and to take it seriously and not only for self-seeking pleasure. If I have offended anyone, one way or another, I deeply apologize for it and I hope to hear from the person myself that I am able to improve myself. Thank you.


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