The Border collie is an animal of the dog family that characterize with a well-balanced and athletic body. In addition, the Border collie exhibit style and dexterity in identical gauge with soundness and potency.

History asserts that the Border collie originated from a border country separating Scotland and England. In this border country, breeding was not a light matter and was governed a biddable stock idea and the ability of the animal to labor extensively on a rugged terrain. This selective breeding went on for a long period and eventually, a new Border collie with unique working styles such as fetching and gathering developed. The resultant Border collie exhibit unique features such as trainability, strength and energy; features so vital to its physical size and appearance.

Other features of the Border collie include a bizarre intuition and a creepy reasoning capability. The Border collie is able to master training and work minus an instructor. In addition, research shows that the eyes of the Border collie can spellbind cattle due to its intense stare.

Due to its trainability, agility and obedience, many people have found the Border collie useful in detecting things like bombs and narcotics. Perhaps this is the reason why many security firms including the military and police use the Border collie to enhance security (American Kennel Club, 2010, pp. 1). The Border collie has a slender body relatively longer as compared to its tail and a flat skull. The size of the skull and the muzzle appear to be equivalent, and often characterized with a modest stop. This dog has got brawny teeth that cab bite its prey with a scissors bite, and in most cases, many of them have oval brown eyes, except the merles breed that has one or both eyes. The Border collie has also equidistantly placed ears that stand erect or semi erect so that it is able to grasp instructions or hear various sounds from the surrounding.

In taking a front view of the Border collie, the front legs appear straight. However, the front legs appear slopping when one takes a side view. The border dog has a medium sized tail and whenever it becomes excited, the tail raises up.

The skin of the Border collie is thick appearing as a double coat for guarding the dog against harsh climatic conditions. The two coat layers, sleek coat and coarse coat, measure about 1 inch and 3 inches in lengthy respectively. Moreover, the coat colors of the Border collie come in different colors for example, purely black or yellow, a mixture of black and white, a blend of yellow and white, or a concoction of red and white. Nevertheless, the main reason of breeding border collies is not to show off physical exquisiteness, but for reasons to do with working capability and perspicacity (Border collie, 2010, p.1). The most stupendous trait of Border Collies is the yearning to labor on primarily above other things. For instance, among the very many activities they involve themselves is herding. During herding, the Border Collies lowers its head in a position to stare intensely at the sheep thus, scaring it not to wander.

The Border Collies are able to monitor every movement of the livestock, and they retort by moving, in some cases indiscernibly, in order to cash in or counter the livestock. So long as the movement of the Border Collies and the sheep is calm and steady, they can look for the stock as they graze in the field. So far, the Border Collies are the world’s leading sheep-working breed that portrays work ethic, acumen and athleticism.

Contrary to being heelers, Border Collies are good in heading and gathering as they can run around the stock, congregate them, and then make them go back to the shepherd. Although they deserve some training in order to take away the flock or herd from the shepherd, in most cases, they can use instinct to perform this particular task. In most cases, Border Collies are hard working animals. In fact, the happiest moment in their lives is when they are involved in doing something be it herding, suppleness, compliance or sporting activities. The main reason why Border Collies exhibit workaholic nature is the history of their breeding selection. Bred for endurance, the Border Collies can run over terrain surfaces over long distance without getting tired. Perhaps this is the reason why whenever they are unoccupied, they become irrational, fanatical, and disparaging (Coren, 1995, pp.

8-27). In addition to herding livestock, Border Collies can also herd other domestic animals, children and home equipments. Normally, they do not nip the heels of the livestock to counter them. Instead, they use their stern eyes although in small cases especially during running, they can nip the legs of human beings.

Under this scenario, children are the casualties, as they do not know how to manage this behavior. Thus, it is much advisable to control this behavior because soon the Border collie can turn a factual nuisance. Their life expectancy ranges between 12 and 15 years although diseases like epilepsy and hip dysplasia can cause early death.

Furthermore, Border Collies have the habit of chasing cars; habit that leads to their early death under the wheels. In conclusion, Border Collies are useful animals that can perform numerous tasks especially that of herding livestock, children and equipments or machines. Many shepherds describe them as loving and people-oriented dogs; descriptions that portray their expediency especially in herding. Although they mature slowly, these dogs are highly intelligent and can learn new things with a lot of ease.

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