Human beings have a self image of how they look like, their weaknesses and strong points. This image is shaped from childhood and influenced by the society and the people we live with. This self image leads to self esteem. When a person think that he is inferior t0 their peers in one way or another, leads to low self esteem (McKay & Patrick 2-12). This paper discusses methods that I can use to boost my esteem as learnt in class and how the methods learnt will be retained for a long period.

Four things that I can do to improve my self esteem

Low self esteem is a creation of the mind and thus it can be boosted. The following are some of the possible ways to boost esteem;

Rebut the Inner Critic

Esteem emanate from what the inner self is telling us on who we are.

There are some negative perceptions that we hold of ourselves. The most important thing to do is to develop self love and liking. This is done through focusing on ones strong points, talents and strengths.

When a person realizes that he is hanging around with a group that is pointing on his weaknesses, there is no danger in changing the group. Choosing the rights friends is of importance and keeping those friends who build our strengths and don’t look us down our weaknesses.

Practice Self-Nurturing

A person should ensure that he is at his best at any one time. Doing what one likes and putting on measures to improve how we look physically in terms of the clothes we wear, the make ups and the scent of the perfume we put on. These are small things but they give someone confidence and self liking.

Get Help from Others

The society and our friends have a role in how we feel about ourselves. Keeping friends who have trust in us boosts ones esteem. The friend may do this by genuine and healthy criticism which can assist a person to improve his ways.

Wide reading of motivational books and watching such movies

Reading motivational books assists a person to realize the differences that people have appreciate then and know how to utilize the strengths that he has been given. Reading of such books will lead to someone appreciating himself (Burns 2-23).

What I have learnt from the key Idea

I have learnt the need to self appreciate myself.

I have learnt that if I don’t like myself, feel good about whom I am, and then the people around me will not be able to appreciate and respect me. Esteem is a creation of the mind and thus if I can deal with negative pictures and attitude about my own life, then I can raise my self esteem. The people around me have a role in shaping my esteem. I have realized that choosing friends is crucial for my esteem. If I hang around with people who recognize and respect my strong holds, then I will develop a high self esteem.

Game plan for continuing to use esteem booting idea after class

The initial step in developing high self esteem is by developing a self liking. Before I come of out of the house, I will be making sure that I dress those outfits that they are fashionable and well fitting. Gradually, I will watch may friendly closely and let go those friends who look down upon me or those who do not have confidence in me.

With the genuine friends, I will ask them to constantly help me improve my esteem by appreciating what I do and criticizing me healthy. Fortnightly, I will make sure that I watch a motivational movie of read a book. This spirit will be maintained for a long period of time. I will also be conducting self talks.


Having a high self esteem is important in a person’s life.

Sometimes we find ourselves suffering from self esteem. To boot the esteem we are supposed to develop a self liking, associate with the right people and read and watch motivational materials.

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