Boom!!! That was the sound that rang out over the landscape on August 6th, 1945.

 The sound was made by the atomic bombs dropped on hiroshima by the United States during World War II.  The choice to drop this new and powerful weapon was made by the US Government but Harry Truman will be remembered throughout history as the United States President that dropped the Atomic Bomb.   I  want to know why they dropped the bombs instead of invading Japan. To what degree did dropping these bombs impact the end of the war? The new weapon was a new kind of bomb.  This bomb split atoms while this process of splitting atoms was taking place it cause a reaction that created a devastating explosion.  The bomb  impacted the end of the war by causing mass destruction and sending a message to the power of Japan that the United states is not Scared to destroy Japan.

The names of the bombs dropped on japan were Fat man and Little boy. Both of these bombs did a lot of damage and killed a lot of people. The Americana people did not like that we were killing innocent  Japanese civilians along with military targets and destroying homes and bases.  The bombs were dropped to save lives U.S. soldiers and to show the rest of the world that the U.S. was not going to be messed with and we were prepared to take whatever action needed to protect U.

S. soil.  The person who made the decision to drop the atomic bombs was President Harry Truman. (George Enzo 10).He made the choice to end the war with Japan and this led him to drop the atomic bombs.

 There were few options the United States had, one of those option was to invade mainland Japan.  This option would risk many US soldiers lives and with Japans tanacited and unwillingness to surrender, Truman and his advisors came to a decision that will forever be remembered.  Truman ultimately decided that it was a better decision to drop bombs then to try and coordinate a massive ground invasion so far away from the other war fronts. When the first bomb was dropped from the Enola Gay.  It is estimated that 70,000 people died in Hiroshima around the first bomb site(George Enzo 23). Houses where leveled, buildings collapsed and many people died instantly. people also died from radiation poisoning (George Enzo 15).

 The death toll is still rising from radiation poisoning and other health conditions passed down in the Dna of the people that have lived or live near the detonation site.  These effects of the radiation have been found to greatly increase risk of cancer and many different birth defects.  President Truman’s decision to drop the Atomic Bomb was purely a military decision.  There were many consequences that this decision had.  Most of the people that involved with the atomic bomb had no idea how the aftermath of the dentnation would be so generational.  The effects of the radiation sickness is still being dealt with even today.  Radiation continues to haunt the survivors, bringing a lifetime of sickness, not the least of which was an increase in the rates of various cancers.

 Birth defects for those pregnant at the time jumped significantly, and although the data on birth defects passed down through generations is inconclusive.In conclusion, the bombs dropped on Japan left a big impact on the world and war. President Truman made the decision to end the war for good when he decided to use the atomic bombs.

 Dropping these bombs led to a allied victory in the Pacific Ocean.  It also created fear among the rest of the axis powers proving that the U.S. was ready and willing to Win by whatever means necessary. Finally, people were happy that the war was over and that the axis powers had been defeated.

 In the end, the decision to use atomic force proved to be the deciding factor it WWII.   


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