Boeing must consider following the
security mechanisms and protocols to be in place for ensuring the privacy and
security of the discussions focused on some private information, as Unified
communications systems are also vulnerable to various attacks, to prevent these
the voice traffic must be end to end and must be encrypted end to end, to
protect the most sensitive traffic Boeing can make Unified communications
secured by employing the following mechanisms.

the communications over internet protocol by authenticating and encrypting each
IP packet of the session, this can be achieved by making use of internet
protocol communications suite (IPsec), IPsec usually operates at internet layer
of the Internet protocol suite which is based on end to end security scheme.

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Transport layer security, (RFC 2246) it runs on top of transmission control
protocol at layer 4 protocol, there are both pros and cons of transport layer


is one of the recommended security schemes for session initiation protocol, Network
address translator works effectively when employed with TLS over an IPsec, TLS
provides User based end to end authentication as compared to data origin


requires certificate validation and certificate management by both client and
server, and moreover it runs on top of transmission control protocol which is
connection oriented, when there are several hundreds and thousands of TCP based
connections the scaling and memory consumption issues arises, Hence TLS cannot
secure end to end voice over protocol communications.

Secure Realtime protocol in place, the main moto of SRTP is to provide
encryption message authentication, integrity and replay protection in the
applications in which data is unicasted and multi casted.

Virtual private network for remote users, for remote users and while connecting
to Small business offices it is better to install VPN at both ends, this
ensures that the connected devices over VPN form an encrypted tunnel as the
virtual network keeps all the traffic safe.

strong passwords, this is the most overlooked mechanism but yet most important
to prevent data breach, Strong passwords should be used wherever the password
is required in UC systems, the weak passwords can be easily attacked and the
attacker can login and make calls as you with the acquired credentials,
Wherever UC system’s requires user login, it is feasible to follow or make use
of Diginum’s UC solution which prevents these threats by generating strong
passwords by default. 

2. Boeing 
enjoyed some benefits by deploying Unified communication system over
converged ip which resulted in increase in productivity and efficiency at
various levels , and decreasing the conferencing costs before deploying UC
Boeing has spent double digits on web conferencing, by deploying UC the web
conferencing costs are leveled up as most of the Boeing employees started using
desktop sharing services on UC systems and making use of all of its
capabilities instead of using third party vendor services, this resulted in
reducing 15% annual costs for using audio conferencing. Boeing has a reputation
for being one of the innovative companies on deciding to deploy unified

As per research and survey most of the mid-sized
companies are ahead based on the usage of UC, According to Forrester 40% of the
midsize companies have deployed UC systems compared to 29% of all firms, Better
project management, improved team management and problem solving are the major
benefits of UC systems,  According to Forrester
90% of the midsize firms were satisfied with the gains after deploying UC
systems, the next major benefit for these firms by deploying UC was faster
decision making, enhanced customer experience, improved relationship with
suppliers and partners and improved user experience from social media
collaboration, hence according to research and survey the benefits enjoyed by
the midsize firms and Boeing mirror each other, the main benefit was increased
in productivity and cost savings.

3. If I was the CIO at Boeing I would
implement the following capabilities of Unified Communication to enhance the
communication, productivity and further reduction in costs,

Unified Messaging: It is basically an integration of fax, electronic mails,
messages notifications, voice, it allows all of its users to access all these
messages from anywhere within any terminal, most Um products employ advanced
calls and message management capabilities including find me and follow me. With
the new presence capabilities, the need for UM Machines to act as answering
machines is reduced, and it is moving towards real time connectivity with the
working professionals(individuals).

* Speech Access and Personal Assistant:
as named assistant It makes individual job easier, using which individuals can
use speech commands to access inbox, calendar, directory with ease. Personal
Assistants also does intelligent screening and filtering of the messages and
allows users to search their schedule, calendar, contacts and several other

* Business process integration: one of
the important functionality or entity of UC solution is integrating with
business processes and workflow applications. The main milestone of business
process integration is the elimination of human latency, In many business
processes today the process comes to halt until someone provides any information
to proceed to next step , UC reduces this delay 
of contacting next person in a series of steps or by proposing an adhoc
meeting or by setting up a conference call to resolve an issue, with voice
enabled business process and applications communication can be initiated within
the application by making it easier to notify while trying to resolve a

* Mobility: In Unified Communication Systems, the mobile wireless devices are used
for initiating voice and video communications. Thus by integrating the mobile
device with users voice and the communications services with the enterprise
communications allows the individuals to do their regular jobs irrespective of
their location. By using the Unified Communications enhanced features like
click to launch conference and Instant messaging for wireless mobile device
users allows individuals to participate in the conferences and access some of
the features which they can access in the office, and hence improving their
productivity when on mobile.









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