Black music has had an impact on many people over time and is still popular today, but not many people know where it came from or how it affected people. It started with slaves in America and evolved into hip hop. Many of the songs had strong messages like “Strange Fruit” by Abel Meeropol.Black music started with slaves in the 1800’s. Their call and response songs evolved into spirituals that were a way that African Americans responded to their poor conditions. Gospel music came after spirituals. It was a religious style of music that influenced a plethora of people. After the spirituals and gospel music, ragtime became more popular and many African American musicians would talk about ragging up a tune. Next, the blues became very popular among African Americans. The blues was about creating a new story and many ideas weren’t very original. It was a mix of gospel and ragtime. After the blues, jazz started to become more popular. Jazz included some of the creativity of the blues. Louis Armstrong, a well-known jazz musician, was one of the greatest trumpeters of all time. He was the first jazz singer to receive international recognition.  Rap exploded with popularity in the mid 1980’s. Rap is currently one of the most popular genres of music around the world. There have been many great black musicians throughout history, but a few of the best are Louis Armstrong, Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, and Stevie Wonder. ( message of black music was about how terrible African Americans’ living conditions were. It was a way for them to express themselves and bring awareness to certain problems or unfair treatment. Today, black music still contains some similar messages. It is an opportunity for artists to express themselves through song and maybe even influence or inspire people who listen to their music. The song “Strange Fruit”, written by Abel Meeropol and sung by Billie Holliday brought awareness to racism and poor treatment in the late 1930’s. The song had a huge impact on people in the south. The message, though very dark or gory, was very powerful and poetic. The message still resonates with people today.In conclusion, black music has had a huge impact on many people throughout history. It has changed significantly, but still remains popular among the world today. There have been many influential musicians in the past and the present who have brought awareness to the world.


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