BillyBibbit is a 31-year-old male who has been an acute on Nurse Ratched’s ward forthe past 5 years. He grew up as a “Mamma’s Boy” with a close relationship tohis mother, and living in fear of her disapproval.

Billy also has a noticeablestutter and nervous tendencies shown by how he is weak and submissive aroundNurse Ratched as well as how he is intimidated by the other members of theward. Both his stutter and nervous tendencies are examples of a Social AnxietyDisorder, which is present in his actions and reactions. Additionally, BillyBibbit also shows signs of depression, as exhibited through the cigarette burnson the back of his hands, the razor blade cuts on his wrists, and how Billymentions that he tried to kill himself in a group therapy session (Kesey, 118).For these reasons, Billy should be diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder andDepression.             As referred to earlier, Billy has a noticeablestutter and nervous tendencies around others on the ward, especially NurseRatched. An Anxiety Disorder is a fear related response to a situation that cantrigger coping mechanisms to avoid an uncomfortable circumstance (“What AreAnxiety Disorders?”). The form of Anxiety that best matches Billy Bibbit isSocial Anxiety Disorder, due to his nervousness of rejection from others,especially his mother. Social anxiety can be triggered from interactions withpeople or performances, which can affect the patient’s lives by preventing themfrom relationships, jobs, and social lives (“Social Anxiety Disorder”).

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 Other symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorderinclude nausea, profuse sweating, an increased heart rate, and stumbling overwords, such as in Billy’s case (“Social Anxiety Disorder”). The way that Billy’sSocial Anxiety can be treated is through working to change his neuropathways throughCognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a therapy based on focusing on alteringthoughts and behavior patterns, and through Speech Therapy (“Social AnxietyFact Sheet”). Putting Billy in a setting where he is surrounded by others witha similar disorder may help him come out of his skin more, and putting Billy throughspeech therapy can allow him to gain confidence in his speaking.             Billy is also a patient should bediagnosed with depression. Depression is a form of mental illness where aperson is consistently sad or in 


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