Bigger Thomas wakes up the next morning, after killing MaryDalton, in his home. He is struck with fear and believes that he should go backto the Dalton’s home to see if Mary’s body has burned in the furnace.

After breakfast, Bigger heads to the Dalton’s where he seesPeggy about to tend to the furnace. Bigger stops her and offers to do ithimself (out of fear of Peggy discovering the body).Peggy is concerned about the car being left outside, soBigger lies saying that Mary told him to leave it there. Peggy explains thatJan is a “bad kid” and that Mary is blind to it. Mary is not upstairsso Bigger takes the trunk to the depot anyway.Everyone is beginning to grow concerned with Mary’sdisappearance. They start noticing little signs that seem off. Such as Mary notleaving a note.

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Bigger decides to visit Bessie, but only to take his mindoff of things. Bessie is concerned for Bigger and believes that he might havedeveloped feelings for Mary.Bigger reveals his large roll of cash. Bessie is not asimpressed by the money, instead she is frightened by the large sum and shedemands to know what Bigger did to get the money.

He comes up with a story, andstates that he wants to write a letter asking for money. Bessie is stillworried that bigger isn’t being honest. Bessie’s concern is that Mary willreturn home. Bigger assures her that Mary won’t show up, and this makes Bessiescared and suspicious. Bigger threatens to leave her, manipulating Bessie intohelping him.Bigger returns to the Dalton’s where Bigger is asked toretrieve the trunk from the depot. He goes and gets it and then brings it downto the basement where he is confronted by a detective that Mr.

Dalton hired.Britten finds the communist pamphlets that Jan gave tobigger, and he accuses Bigger of being a communist. Bigger replies that Jangave him the pamphlets. Britten brings Jan into the basement and Bigger feels asense of shame, but this does not prevent him from repeating the same lies thathe told earlier. Jan lies about not seeing Mary the night before but it’s soonfound out to be a lie. Jan looks more guilty after telling the lie and hestorms out of the house.

Bigger leaves the house and heads to Bessie’s where hebegins to write the ransom note. Bessie is begging him not to do it. Soon,bigger reveals the truth about what really happened that night.

He manipulatesher into thinking that she is guilty too, he also threatens to kill her,initially forcing her to join him.Bigger leaves and slips the note under the front door of theDalton’s house. He goes around back and heads inside. He tells himself that hewill clean out the furnace’s ashes in the morning. Bigger begins to eat some food in the kitchen, when Mr.

Dalton bursts in saying Mary has been kidnapped. He has read the note andeveryone is in despair. Soon, the press arrive and are begging for a story.  At first, no one speaks, but soon Mr.

Daltontells the press to put in the papers that he will comply to the note. The Press want to ask Bigger a few questions, but Biggerwon’t speak. Bigger begins clearing out the ashes. There is a large amount ofash in the furnace and he can’t contain the smoke,  the whole basement fills with black smoke andit draws everyone’s attention.

Someone offers to help and then finds bones inthe ashes. Bigger flees the house.Bigger flees to Bessie’s. Telling her that the plan is off.He says that the murder was an accident and that they need to leave and hide.

Bessie is sobbing out of fear. They soon leave and head for some abandonedbuildings. They set up a small bed and try to sleep.

Bigger is veryscared that Bessie will slow him down and get them caught, so he smashes herhead repeatedly with a brick and then throws her body down an airshaft. Soon herealized that the cash he took from Mary’s purse was with Bessie’s body. He isleft with nothing but his gun.Bigger is now left to hide in abandoned houses and houses upfor rent as he discovers that all of the black belt is blocked off and beingsearched by police.Bigger soon gets caught by the police.


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