Biascan be defined as an inclination towards a particular perspective even whenthere are other options available. It can also be considered as a partialitytowards a single perspective. Thetypes of bias in communication are  ·     AvailabilityCascade: the idea of people is that when they believing something enough, thatperspective will given the first priority. So different people will havedifferent believe in different things which will be given priority according tothem. ·     In-groupBias: When members in a group have a particular information and believe it isright they all come to a common conclusion and they believe it to be correct. ·     SystemJustification: When a information is from a system based place we tend tobelieve it more.

So as the systems positions keeps rising we believe in itmore. ·     Out-groupBias: When one group have a thought that they are more superior and informativethan the other groups present. Allthese biases lead to people inclining towards a single perspective and it isbad for the organization. To control Biases in our writing we have to followcertain things like  ·     Objectivityin which writers can be too sympathetic and leads to bias communication.·     Sensitivityin which language is the barrier.·     Gender-NeutralPronouns Policy.·     People-Firstand Identity-First Language Policy. Criticalthinking helps us to identify the bias in things which we read and see.

Somecritical thinking abilities are  ·     understandingthe logic between ideas.·     constructand identify arguments.·     solveproblems systematically.·     Identifythe ideas which are important. Withoutcritical thinking we wouldn’t be able to identify the biases in the thingswhich we read and see. So critical thinking is very important to know whetherwe agree or not with someone.      


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