The two films that I will be analysing are “Beverly Hills Cop”(1984) and “In The Heat Of The Night”. Both films contain black heroes and both films have been important in different ways, for example “Beverly Hills Cop” helped Eddie Murphy become a mainstream star. “In The Heat Of The Night” won several Oscars even though it was quite controversial. The companies that produced “In The Heat Of The Night” was a Mirisch Company, which is independent but also had financial backing from major studios (MGM etc.

) This shows that this film had low production values and was aimed at a niche audience.This film would be classified as an independent film because it has low production values and the audience is niche. Beverley Hills cop (1984) was produced by paramount studios, other films produced by paramount studios are.



This suggests that this film has high production values and the audience would be mainstream. This film would be classified as a high concept film because it uses pre-existing central characters, a universal theme, a high profile soundtrack and well-known actors. In the film In The Heat Of The Night the soundtrack begins with a slow jazz song, which suggests the film is more dramatic.From the soundtrack the audience wouldn’t be able to tell that this is a crime film because it is slow. On the other hand Beverley Hills Cop has a fast soundtrack it catches the audiences attention very quickly. The establishing shot is in Detroit there is poverty the people are working class the place is run down there are old factories most of the community is black people look unemployed it’s a ghetto environment.

The establishing shot in “In The Heat Of The Night” we are shown an officer in a cafi??it is very dirty as we are shown the calendar to tell us the day there is a fly on it and the cafi?? owner looks scruffy and working class. There is a cop eating in the cafi?? as he leaves, the audience is shown around the town following him in his car we see the town it looks like a poor community the streets are completely empty at night so it seems as there are not much people in this town the place looks as if its run-down and very deserted. The mise-en-scene in the location is that there are flies everywhere the rest of the town is dull, dark and looks very deserted.


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