Benjamin Caron1/22/18Restorative JusticeA boy was in class and he fell asleep, he wakes up and in response to the teacher asking why he fell asleep, he says I’m bored. The students then get two detentions for falling asleep and talking back.

Restorative Justice is a program placed in by some schools around the country. This is a system to not give punishment the student by detentions, suspensions or expulsion. This is to have the student talk to his close ones and teachers to work out a situation to help the student stop behavioral issues and to help them grow as a person for the present and later on into his or her future. Restorative Justice is to help not punish.Restorative Justice input into different school districts and even businesses worldwide, but doesn’t this help or ruin the normal justice system. Restorative Justice a system of criminal justice that focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large (Dictionary). Restorative Justice began in the year 1974 and it was put into prison in Canada and they remain using it in some places to this day. Two criminals of vandalization were brought to court, this is where they had the offenders, victims and close ones to the offenders sit and talk.

After a successful trial, this brought worldwide attention, cause countries like the United States and Europe to join in on this experience.  Though Restorative Justice went worldwide did schools, and businesses follow through on this. Restorative Justice is used in the Judicial system. Restorative justice came in police stations, particularly where cautioning is used as a response to crime and juvenile offending. Judicial systems with prisons are mainly in outer countries such as Norway where they have around 140 prisons.  What is significant is that all these jails have to work at a high rate making 85% of the people going to prison to not go back to prison. Which this is different from United States prison because of eight of ten prisoners due return to prison.

This is alarming.In the school district, circling up is used as Restorative Justice. In schools, they use this for students with bad additions, for a student who sell illegally, and for a just bad behavior issue. This is difficult though, Restorative Justice takes up lots of time to set up and get used to it. It so hard to implement that school have to say to teachers you’re either in or out. This has helped with students being able to talk about why they did such a thing, and talking really helps out situations.

RJ has not been effective in student lying. With restorative justice the student could easily just say, yes I have learned my lesson I’m good. So then the behavioral issue would be put down on a resume. Then say they lied they continue to have a behavioral problem then this could lead to an unsuccessful life. But with suspensions and jail, this could give the person some fear. With fear, it would scare the person to not want to get in trouble helping them in the future.

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