The human species vary greatly in various perspectives ranging from intelligence, size, milieu, and social status. Social status pertains to the different categories of famous people and rich people. Famous people include rappers and singers, actors and actress, producers, television and movies stars, models, chefs, teachers; any person can be famous (reComparison contributing writer, par. 2).

Comparatively, there are variety of rich people who have gain their wealth status through delusion, legacy, diligent work, live insurance policies regarding the death of family member or by hitting the lotto (par. 2).

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Social ladder

In determining a person’s social status, many factors are considered. These factors include personal monetary value, a person’s family, who you know as well as how you tumbled upon your fame or money. There is a wide variation between the famous movie idols and politicians. A movie idol will earn a high opinion and admiration from the public, whereas a famous politician will command a big scope of fans when they are still in the limelight (par. 3).

Although millionaires and billionaires form the crest of the social status, in the young generation’s mind they fall short of fame since they seldom appear in the information media preferred by them. This is evident by the fact that a public spokesman can enjoy a higher social position relative to other private millionaires, if s/he is well-known (par. 3).

The futuristic perspective of being rich to being fame

Ironically the famous persons as well as rich persons can at any time lose their fame and money. Nevertheless, when an individual who is famous loses his/her social status, some small degree of their fame still remains. The expression “fifteen minute of fame” applies for those persons who have been put in the limelight by publicity experts converse to those who have been espouse glorious or those regarded as fascinating by the masses; their work and career will still persist regardless of the reason for their fame (par.

4). On the other hand, the rich can restore back his/her money after losing, by persistent hard work or by applying the same initiative that facilitated their success initially. According to those who are not rich, achieving a rich status has some mystery attached to it. Money goes to those who focus their thoughts to gaining wealth by applying very distinct steps which they uphold will result in success. The essentials of financial success are to some extent aligned with the laws of cause and effects (par.



Being rich does not necessarily mean you are famous; conversely, being famous does not essentially mean you are rich. A rich person can lose his money any moment whereas a famous person can only have his fame diminished to some degree determined by the cause for the fame. Fame makes the social status easy to scale on the account of the big number of people know you, while a rich person can by his/her way up the social status. Although money can make one rich, it cannot necessarily make you famous; instead being famous is not a materialistic aspect of the society since any person can do something to become famous (par.


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