Being born and brought up in Indore, when I shifted toMumbai, I was a stranger to this city. It was when I secured the 1strank in my college in 2011 is when the entire college noticed me. That rankmade me realize that a person is known by his dedicated efforts and the resultsthat he achieves. That incident was a motivation for me to work hard in lifeand never give up may what come.

I continued to earn laurels in my college bysecuring 100% marks in taxation in University exams in 2014 and by securing ranksin college in semester 5 as well as semester 6.  Along with my, I also pursued professionaldegree of Chartered Accountancy. I missed my rank in the Final CA exam by just 5marks. Those 5 marks were a teaching for me to believe in my own caliber and sethigh goals in life. That learning has always stayed with me. The article-ship under the CA curriculum has been aperiod of immense learning. Having worked for multiple clients and in multipleareas like tax, audit and accounts has taught me the practical application ofknowledge.

Filing returns and handling scrutinies taught me the importance todeliver the given task in time and to the best of my ability. It also gave me achance to directly deal with clients at times, teaching me the value ofinter-personal skills. Being fortunate enough to work directly under myprincipal at article-ship also gave me glimpses of the management skillsrequired to run an organization. Post completing my professional degree, I joinedDeloitte Haskins & Sells LLP as an Assistant Manager in Indirect TaxConsultancy. Joining such a huge organization expanded my perspective ofthings. Working with an organization which operates at a global level gave methe vision to think big. The size of the projects, the quantum of work to bedone and the deadlines made me realize that to achieve big and reach far, Imust work in a team and as a team.

As rightly said by Steve Jobs, “Great thingsin business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Realizing the importance of team work, I realized thata good team can work effectively only with a great leader and effective management.I understood that it is important for me to have good management and leadershipskills. It taught me that management is an inevitable part of corporate success. I believe that IIM B is the best institute to develop andhone my managerial skill set, which believes in integrating classroom knowledgewith practical experience and imparting innovative education. The very logomakes it clear that learning at IIM B will be enlightening and radiant.

It isan opportunity unimagined to learn from faculties so experienced and knowledgeable.A classroom with a peer group so diverse shall lead to critical thinking and disruptiveideas. The institute also has deep engagements with international networks underprograms like GNAM which shall provide me an international perspective as well.Learning at IIM B shall prepare me to take up leadership roles in the increasinglycomplex and dynamic business world. I am excited to be a part of thisprestigious institute and contribute my best to enhance its success further.


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