Before the digital innovation, the interaction with the customer is not easier as compared to today process. There are various indented steps to add a new customer, to monitoring customer network and troubleshooting and response.  

Due to digital disruption, there are some drastic changes happened in Telstra Corporation Ltd. It not only affects the way they’re communicated to the customer but also made them realize their weakness point. As a result, company reputation was falling downward and difficult to survive in this competitive world because they need more skillful IT manpower, need to provide technical knowledge and supportive training to their staff and study local and global market within a limited period which directly impacts their economic parts. Later they gradually made changes on those things and adopted those digital innovation technologies. And now, it dominated Telecommunication field in Australia.

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After accepting of digital disruption, Telstra was able to establish various Telstra store, branches within a country and made them easier to know by everyone throughout the world. Due to it, more people become an employee, the company was able to develop more applications and tools which made easier for the customer to interact, to access product and services and to know about company biography. Due to online and social media services, Telstra was able to communicate and interact with customers with 24/7 hours. It made the company easier to establish branches throughout the world. Hence the company becomes more powerful in the field of telecommunication and financial part.Telstra is a successful leading company who dominated telecommunication industry in Australia. Almost 50% population who stay in Australia became the client of Telstra. Telstra already provided various product and services with effective-cost related to day to day communication among people. After the successful uses of digital innovation, the company becomes stronger in their all section. So it is the time company should re-think about their customer, especially in troubleshooting part and improve customer service. Because during the digital disruption, Telstra invests a lot of money to hire skillful manpower, to provide training and to bought lastest technologies. So I recommended that company should invest heavily in businesses far removed from its historical roots and software development. Besides that, the company should think about their reputation, analysis the digital market and their competitors and maintain their leveling as far as throughout the country and overseas. It is also important to know about, what the current customer demand, what kinds of technology will come in market and impacts of it. So it is essential to provide the training and information to their staff about latest changes in the field of Information Technology. Also develop, various offline application and tools to interact with customers. 


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