Before  Fidel Castro  Came into power Cuba had been Divided due to Racism in the country many of the lighter  Cubans have been much more prejudice towards doctor Cubans to such an extent that even the leader of Cuba at the time wasn’t allowed in certain areas and his life was almost at risk.  Even though Cuba was 11th highest in the world for its literacy rate as a whole country it was broken down due to the separation of powers. Many Cubans believed that it was time for a revolution so that many other Cubans could receive the same opportunities as others. Many Cubans believe this because  Cuba’s government were so corrupt that it seemed that only the gangs where controlling Cuba and its government. In the past years Cuba had done well for itself 5 serving to American tourist but this wasn’t enough to decrease the poverty rate of the people many Cubans were left to create small businesses or start farming to stay alive. But luckily America was able to intervene and help Cuba get out of this pit. America did this by implementing the Platt amendment which allowed them to protect their business is there even if it met using their military.  But soon after this Cuba’s 5th president had almost torn down the country completely he had 4th so much corruption into the government that it seemed as if Cuba would be destroyed in the matter of years in that tyranny would be ok. But luckily for Cuba Fulgencio Batista had become  Cuba’s next president and for the people of Cuba he had gave the people hope that Cuba could go back to what it really was but also a look into a better future. At 1st the people of Cuba had much hope in batiste but as time went on they began to realize he was doing the same exact thing the last president was doing which was letting gangs control the government even though he had covered up what was Julie going on By letting the people of Cuba have free elections and giving them freedom of speech.  Wants the people of Cuba realize what was going on people from all walks of life decided to come together to oppose what their leader had represented in what he was doing to their country.  As the people of  Cuba continued to go against their leader this was finally time for  Fidel Castro to make his mark on the world. As Fidel Castro started to come into power he realized what is true motivation was which was to fix the Cuban government and to restore power to the people. Fidel Castro realized that it was time to give the lower class citizens of Cuba hope after what their last leader had done to them even though many believed he was the wrong choice for leader and that batiste was doing the right thing Castro decided to persevere after many months of guerrilla training warfare he was able to over throw Batista’s government and take control of Cuba. From the start of it all Castro knew that Cuba needed a strong intelligent and determined leader and he also knew that he was exactly that.  Castro was focused on his studies during his time of school and after he was accepted into college he became a lawyer who fought for the Justice of lower and middle class Cubans are he believed that they had the right to an opinion but also the right to have a leader who could protect them from opposing threats. Castro believed that Cuba was in need of a desperate change And that scared the US because of the way he changed Cuba they saw how The original leader of Cuba was taken down by Castro so easily and assumed that he could do just the same to the United States if he had the people of Cuba behind his back. Said del Castro had the vision of a new and improved Cuba that could make sure that all of the people are equal by in a stalling communism into its government this meant that all people in the country would receive the same reward or punishment for different acts. Many of the people in Cuba believed that Castro’s idea for communism to be what controls the country was illogical ical and was not appropriate for the country but Castro site as a way for the people of Cuba to be even more United as they were before.  During  But Dell Castro’s life he has accomplished many goals that have marked Cuba for many years to come some of his most important milestones were; January 1, 1959: Castro’s rebels take power as dictator Fulgencio Batista flees Cuba.June 1960: Cuba nationalizes U.S.-owned oil refineries after they refuse to process Soviet oil. Nearly all other U.S. businesses expropriated by October.October 1960: Washington bans exports to Cuba, other than food and medicine.April 16, 1961: Castro declares Cuba socialist state.April 17, 1961: Bay of Pigs: CIA-backed Cuban exiles stage failed invasion.February 7, 1962: Washington bans all Cuban imports.October 1962: U.S. blockade forces removal of Soviet nuclear missiles from Cuba. U.S. President John F. Kennedy agrees privately not to invade Cuba.March 1968: Castro’s government takes over almost all private businesses.April 1980: The Mariel boatlift. Cuba says anyone can leave; some 125,000 Cubans flee.December 1991: Collapse of Soviet Union devastates Cuban economy.August 1994: Castro declares he will not stop Cubans trying to leave; some 40,000 take to sea heading for United States.March 18, 2003: 75 Cuban dissidents sentenced to prison.July 31, 2006: Castro announces has had operation, temporarily cedes power to brother Raul.February 19, 2008: Castro resigns as president.July 2010: Castro re-emerges after years in seclusion, visiting a scientific institute, giving a TV interview, talking to academics and even taking in a dolphin show at the aquarium.April 19, 2011: Castro is replaced by his brother Raul as first secretary of the Communist Party, the last official post he held. The elder Castro made a brief appearance at the Congress, looking frail as a young aide guided him to his seat.April 19, 2016: Castro delivers a valedictory speech at the Communist Party’s seventh Congress, declaring that “soon I’ll be like all the others. The time will come for all of us, but the ideas of the Cuban Communists will remain.”  Over the years the DE Castro had achieved a lot  And many of his accomplishments led to some of his long term effect that he had left on Cuba for years to come for example Fidel Castro’s education and health system tat was higher than most countries at the time due to the amount of work he put the people of this country under. He created a functioning socialist economy that instilled the idea that the government should own all property and that people do not have the right to privacy because it leads to chaos but little did Castro realize that this put a majority of the residents of Cuba into poverty.  Also because of the health system he had created this prolonged the life of many Cubans The lifespan expanded to some of the highest numbers and Latin-American countries. But one of the best ways Castro improved Cuba was by tourism and manufacturing. Even though most Cubans were in poverty those who weren’t were doing fairly well for themselves this is because Hubert had become such an attraction to people in America in other countries in the world that they paid to see what was truly going on behind the scenes of Cuba. The economy  was boosted and many people were offered more jobs due to the fascination that people had with Cuba. But of course not all of Castro’s ideas were put into effect and some of the ones that were left some short term effects on Cuba for instance Castro’s hostility towards change made it very hard for other countries especially America to negotiate with the people of Cuba and this made Cuba seem as if it were a threat due to the fact no-one really knew what could possibly happen next with a leader who has control over all of his people


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