Beforeyou begin to write the script, remember that the protagonist of the story isalways superior to all other characters. Your protagonist may be a village boy,an arrogant businessman, an explorer or a police officer. The hero needs tobecome shirtless at least once in the movie for no reason but to show off hischiselled six-pack.

A hero with a cool moustache is more likely to be a policeofficer who is extremely strong, and a buff village boy is often shown as tanned,glistening with sweat and wearing minimal clothes. Do not forget that the hero’sentrance into the story must be very special and exaggerated by showing hismuscular body, or an action sequence.Neverforget the fight sequences where the laws of physics don’t apply. It does notmatter if huge, muscular men are coming at the hero with every form of weaponin an open-top jeep.

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The hero can singlehandedly accomplish impossible physicalfeats to take all the goons down, including jumping from impossible heights,breaking glass or doing martial arts. A hero with a gun is lucky becauseBollywood guns are magical – they never run out of bullets, no matter howindiscriminately one shoots. During the fight, it is mandatory for the hero todeliver a punchy dialogue, which is always later used by the audience in acolloquial way. While all these actions happen, do not forget to include thebackground sound effects of ‘dshh’, ‘dishoom’.Thestory is not complete without a negative element.

Your villain characters mayinclude a corrupt politician, father of the heroine or an underground dondealing with drugs and mafia. Among your villains, the father of the heroineturns out to have positive role in the climax, while the other villains wouldbe killed by the hero. Remember that the villain must always have a deep voice,a scary look and a thick beard. The common traits of a Bollywood villain arehis evil laughter and commanding voice.

The villain is often a tech-savvy, livingin a den and controlling everything with a remote. Note that he also hasfollowers hailing him.  Theaudience will be put off if the crucial part of a Bollywood movie is notincluded: dance. No dance, no movie. A minimum of three songs should beincluded: a heart-break, a romantic one and finally the ‘desi beat’ song. The’desi beat’ needs to have the typical Bollywood dance moves, like the ‘thumkas’and hand movements along with the seductive hip-swivel. Make sure the settingis loud, vibrant, exciting and colourful. The logic to be ignored is thattwenty other dancers suddenly come from nowhere to dance along with the heroand heroine, choreographed perfectly.

To show off the producer’s money, makesure to change the costumes and shift locations between each verse of the song.Inyour movie, the hero should be rich and the heroine poor or vice versa, makingtheir journey of love harder. Either one or both of their families shoulddisapprove their love, leading to a separation track and then a reunion in theclimax. It is totally okay to stop a marriage going ahead, which is usually formulatedby the hero when he realises he cannot lose his love. This is the time when thehero gets beaten black and blue by the girl’s angry relatives. Make sure youshow some romance between the lead pair; mainly include a rain dance eventhough they are in a deserted place with skies clear. Rain is the key for romance.The hero first sees the heroine at a temple/traffic signal/bus stop and happensto meet her somewhere again.

Don’t have energy/time to create a proper lovestory between two strangers? Just use the concept of love at first sight. Chuckin a romantic song and show that they fell in love with each other at theirfirst glance. Done deal!Nevershow the concept of moving on after a break up. If there are two heroines, thesecond one dies by sacrificing her life for the other to live happily everafter.

A scene with a train is never smooth-going. Either someone must berunning after a moving train or misses it completely. Anotherepic love story to be considered is that the heroine is deeply pious and thehero is very outgoing. The hero makes the heroine realise how she has wastedher whole life and she suddenly becomes bold overnight. Irking the heroine’s fatherabout her changes, there is a fight track followed by break up. Then there isthe historic ending with the father realising his daughter’s love for the heroand letting her live her life.Taboosubjects best avoided include inter-religious marriage, talking about sex andmenstruation in public, beautiful landscapes, women’s empowerment, the rich andwell-educated families, youth of India following their dreams, gender equality,widow re-marriage and pre-marital pregnancy.

And,lastly, don’t forget to end your movie with an emotional scene or a happymarriage if you want people to watch your movie. Never make it tragic. 


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