Becoming a Registered Nurse has always been appealing to me. I’m originally from Russia and that’s where I started my nursing experience. Helping people is more than just passing out medications and administering shots. For me, it’s being part of a team that is dedicated to taking care of people during their worst health challenges.

That is what influenced me to become a nurse. I always liked the notion that nurses are crucial points of contact throughout a client’s stay in the hospital. I may be the first face you see, the first smile of the day, and the last face you see before you go home. As a nurse, I have the access to build a significant relationship with a client, make sure that they have proper representation by acting as their best advocate, and make sure that whatever they are going through is a little less scary by providing them with a solid foundation to lean on.            I’m extremely interested to work at Boca Regional Hospital because I like what a specialized facility it is. I am extremely interested in going into the ICU/CCU and more specifically Neuro ICU, and BRH has one of the best Neuroscience Institutes in the state. The staff from the Marcus Neuroscience Institute not only deal with the gamut of neurological disorders; however, the center takes an interdisciplinary approach to treat patients from all specialties of medicine; therefore, providing the best care and services. I hope I too can work with the Neuroscience department and lend a hand to their interdisciplinary approach.

            After spending several years working ICU/CCU, I plan on going back to school part-time to pursue my DNP. Working at the bedside is fulfilling and rewarding, however, eventually, I would like to be able to see my own patients and prescribe medication and treatment for them myself. With people living longer, there are more chronic diseases occurring and especially among the geriatric population, neurological changes and illnesses are a very common occurrence. I want to take my delicate skills as an RN and pair them with the powers of a DNP in order to serve my community to my absolute fullest without feeling held back. Boca Regional Hospital may be my first step into the world of nursing; however, I truly believe that it will provide me with a solid foundation for learning, expertise, and growth in which I can transfer to my patients in order to give them a strong foundation to lean on, in order to give them me.



I'm Erica!

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