BackgroundJLL Singapore (JLL) has been thetop-ranked consultant firm in Asia Pacific with various awards & accolades (AppendixA). JLL prides itself on assisting potential investors in achieving optimumresults for any form of investments. Investors would not be confined to onlylocal investment projects as the firm has 15 other countries in the region(Appendix B).The firm’s practice areas include, but notlimited to asset management, investment sales, operator selection, project& development services, strategic advisory, and valuations.

With a vastfoothold in the industry, JLL can guide clients to make dependable businessdecisions throughout their entire journey. KeyProjectsThe most recent key project handled by thefirm was the partnership between AccorHotels (Accor) and GuocoLand, an upscaleproperty organization in Asia. This partnership allowed Accor to clinch theoperator deal for two Sofitel brands in Singapore and Malaysia, which propelledthem to be the largest operator in Singapore (Lim, 2016). Additionally, withinthe same region, the firm has taken the role of the sole advisor for Accor’sacquisition of Australia’s Mantra Hotel Group which amounted to a pay-out ofA$1.18 billion. This acquisition was the largest global hospitality transactionin 2017 (Reuters, 2017).ServicesOfferedMarket ExplorationClients would be assisted in thecompletion of feasibility studies, acquiring processes and even the design,development and, renovation processes. JLL takes pride in its researchpublications of each industry, in aims of providing only the most reliablemarket trends and insights for their clients.

These publications include thecity’s market outlook for the year and any notable upcoming trends. Thisinformation would be especially helpful for new owners who are looking to placetheir investments in the hospitality industry. The firm would be able to adviseclients on which city would be most suitable for steady revenue growth, bytapping on the research publications.  Thereafter, JLL would be able to assistinvestors on choosing the ideal hotel operator to partner with, based on thegoals and objectives outlined by the clients.Selection of Hotel OperatorsAs there is a reduced number of parentoperator groups in the market due to mergers & acquisitions, clients wouldneed to be more cautious in their selections as it now involves increasedcosts, additional bureaucracy and brand repositioning. Having JLL would helpinvestors to minimize any plausible contractual risks for investors and at thesame time, maximize operational performances and increasing the book value ofassets.

Additionally, with 200 years of presence in the field, the relationshipbuilt between JLL and different hotel operators would help in expediting theprocess.As stated by Patricia Miller, the VicePresident of Leo A. Daly, hotel owners are becoming increasingly creative interms of hotel façade and infrastructure to create an identity for themselves.However, brand operators bring along operational brand standards and manualswhen they enter a partnership. As consultants, the firm would work closely withthe managers to ensure a balance of individualization and yet, still retaininga certain amount of the brand essence for the hotel to stand out amongstcompetitors.ConclusionFor clients’ who have little or nohospitality background, having JLL as consultants would minimize any imbalanceof knowledge and experience with any involved external parties.

JLL has theexperience and resources to assist in aligning most goals and objectives ofboth the clients and their potential business partners. The firm would onlyrequire trust and time from the investors for the well-versed consultants toreturn with adequate solutions that could guarantee success for all partiesinvolved.


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