Backgroundto the project {Introduction}Barncafe is the first coffee shop brand established in Saudi Arabiaparticularly in Jeddah city. It is fully Saudi original, home-grown coffee andseasonal dates that founded by Alamjaad group in 1992 in the heart of Jeddahcity.  The first shop was small cafe andthen expanded gradually. Alamjaad group owned more than 160 stores in various majorcities in Saudi ArabiaRecently the company development programsinclude opening new stores locally and internationally.Barncafe producesoriginal Arabic coffee and other traditional hot beverages such as (Sahleb). Furthermore,it sells coffee packages that ready to use. The café serves its beverages withtraditional Saudi seasonal dates.In the meantime, Alamjaad group hasexpressed interest in initiating a Barncafe in Australia and especially inSydney city.

This establishment will introduce Saudi culture to westernconsumers and appeals their attraction to attempt this exceptional café. This report will illustrate a complete interpretationof main attributes of Barncafe , analyze the potential cross-cultural issues intransmitting this café to Australia and generate applicable recommendations onhow these issues could be addressed.   Barncafein Saudi Arabia {description of service in its original cultural context}      Barncafe located in the center of Jeddahcity which is considered one of the major cities in Saudi Arabia. It affords Arabiccoffee and other conventional drinks and delightful dates.

it offers service inexceptional technique by using special pot and cups. The café shop has a uniquedecoration and extraordinary atmosphere.Location and decorationBarncafe shops commonly located inattractive setting in various regional cities of Saudi Arabia to attract moreconsumers. These locations are generally near to central commercial sectors andmajor shopping districts. In addition, this type of origination uses asadvertisement strategy.The shop has exceptional decoration whichis reflect the traditional Saudi culture. All branches have conformeddecoration of classical Saudi style to ensures the uniformity.

Its walls coverwith painting and other unique heritage accessories. The café has furnishedwith traditional rugs and Arabic floor seats and sofa.Arabic coffee Preparation and serving methodArabic coffee is formed from roastedbeans but very lightly with or without adding cardamom as spice.

It serves withdates as traditional attribute. It boiled but not filtered and supplied bylarge pitcher called (Della) and small delicate cups without handles named (finjan).Traditionally, Arabic coffee should pour and then handle to the guests by theright hand and during social events the young people are responsible forserving it.Taste Arabic coffee has strong bitter, rich flavorand no sugar added.

It can have served plain or with adding other spices suchas cardamom, ginger or saffron.Religion and cultureFrom cultural prospective, Arabic coffeeis a part of traditions and has played a vital role in Saudi social life andprofessional career. overall, it considers an effective factor in thecommunication process and an ideal model of generosity and hospitality.

Furthermore, it is applied as a strategy to overcome conflicts andtransgression. From faithful prospective, the coffee anddates are used to breaking the fasting during Ramadan and supplied duringnational holidays specifically in Eid.Nutritional valuesA single cup of Arabic coffee contains nocalories, zero fat and insignificant amount of protein. Similarly, the dateshave nutritional and health benefits. It improves the essential minerals in thehuman body such as potassium and magnesium levels. As a result, the datespromote bone strength and density. The journal of obstetrics and gynecologyreports that dates consumption during pregnancy enhance delivery process andreduce the need for induction and augmentation.

Exporting serviceSaudi Arabia is one of the top threeinternational producer of dates ( Saudi country has thebest quality and most demanded dates globally.

Hence, Barncafe trade abroaddelightful seasonal national dates and Saudi coffee grains. IssuesEstablishing a Saudi café in Australia elevatesseveral issues associated to national cultural features. The examination of thedissimilarities between two cultural background of both nations will bedeveloped by applying three main theoretical frameworks: Thomas (2008), Hofstede(1994,1996in Morison 2006), and Trompenaars (in Morrison 2006). The frameworksdescribe the cultural approaches and will therefore facilitate the evaluationof these issues.

Location and DecorationFor consumer attraction and advertisementpurposes, the decision of location and decorationshould be examined. From cultural prospective, Australians in general haveclear disconnection between work and leisure time (Trompenaars, in Morrison,2006). For instance, city center is usually a laboring area instead of anentertainment place.

In addition, the high rental prices in Australia incomparison with those in Saudi Arabia are consider as a limitation. Culture and religion According to Trompenaars (2006), cultureswith high universalism focus more on legal rules while more particularisticcultures appreciate relationships more than formal regulations. Australians areconsidered highly rate in universalism whereas Saudis graded highly in particularism.

Accordingly, the Saudi coffee will not influence on the working conditions forAustralian domestic and may not acknowledge as an essential factor forconfrontation resolution. Moreover,in a culture there is an apparent dissociation between work and social life.Australia, is a relevant example of this culture which is called (specificculture). On the other hand, Saudi culture is diffuse culture. Trompenaars(1994, p.9) states that in diffuse culture “the whole person is involved in abusiness relationship” not merely the contracting role. Finally, mostAustralians are Christian and for this reason they will not consider thespiritual purposes of Arabic coffee and dates.

Preparation and serving method The manner of serving Arabic coffee inSaudi Arabia is by the juniors in both casual and professional life. Forexample, the young provide coffee for adults and subordinates to their manager.(Hofstede,1994) defines that culture has two distinct categories: individualism:the individual’s conception about themselves as independent beings such asAustralians cultivation. In contrast, collectivism pole: in which people viewthemselves as combined groups such as Saudis.  TasteThe strong taste of Arabic coffee may havea deterrent effect on some Australian locals to experience this type of coffee.Hofstede (2006), examines that which is called (uncertainty avoidance): is how acommunity individual deal with the everyday uncertainties. Australian national culturehas moderate uncertainty avoidance attribute.

Exporting serviceAccording to Peterson and Thomas (2008), Proximityand Topography is one contributor of cultural communication. It influences thecultural transmission system between nations because of barriers such asmountains and oceans which is restrict the cross-cultural communication. The productstransportation and its related excessive costs may consider issues which arerelated to geographical distance between Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Political boundariesThe term is to define the amount ofinteraction between two regions(Thomas,2008). In general, all imported food toAustralia must go through biosecurity assessments and should adhere tobiosecurity criteria (www.agriculture. Fresh food such as fruit and vegetableor other food consisting of animal products need to obtain an import permissionbefore the importing process.RecommendationsBased on these issues, severalrecommendations are created to insure success in the foundation of a Barncafein Australis.

Location and decorationRecreation settings in popular areas suchas city tourism locations should be considered as specific establishment areasfor new branches because of considerable number of population and moreentertainment spots in these venues that might assist in attracting manycustomers. Also due to the lower rental prices in these areas.Political boundariesArrangementswith Australian biosecurity services could be considered to enable theaccessibility of café products from Saudi Arabia to Australia and to prevent any service delay. TasteThe coffee taste might need somemodifications in term of flavor to satisfied different clients need.Culture and religionOverall, Asian culture is interesting formany westerners and this could be an effective commercial point for caféproducts.

It would be appropriate to organize specialadvertisements to provide reference to Australians about the range of productsavailable.Preparation and servingWorkshops and training programs should beestablished in Australia of the preparation and serving methods of caféproducts to the employees.Exporting serviceIt is recommended that planning specifictransporting strategies to export products from Saudi Arabia to Australia andto consider time and cost needed to avoid any issues.Executive summaryBarncafe is the first Saudi coffee shopbrand founded in 1992 by Alamjaad group particularly in Jeddah city. It isfully Saudi original, home-grown coffee grains and seasonal dates in the centerof Jeddah city.  The first shop was smallcafe and then expanded gradually.

Alamjaad group owned more than 160 stores invarious major cities in Saudi Arabia. Recently, alamjaad group has disclosedinterest in constituting a branch in Australia. However, they identify thatthere could be cross-cultural issues in establishing a traditionally Arabic schemeto a western background. The report investigates possible cross-culturalconcerns and creates recommendations on how these can be intended.

Issues derived from many nationalcultural dissimilarities between Saudi Arabia and Australia. They are analyzedin the report in relation to taste, methods of serving and preparation,religion and culture, political boundaries, location and decoration andexporting services. Recommendations are identified with account to each ofthese approaches.·        The decision of location and decoration shouldbe examined.

·        Arrangements with Australian biosecurityservices could be considered to enable the accessibility of café products fromSaudi Arabia to Australia.·        Modifications in terms of coffee flavor mightbe included. ·        Organizations of special advertisements couldbe considered to provide reference to Australians about the range of productsavailable.·        Workshops and training programs should beestablished in Australia of the preparation and serving methods of caféproducts to the employees.

·          planning specific transportations strategiesshould be made to export products from Saudi Arabia to Australia and toconsider time and cost needed to avoid any issues.      References                                                                                                                                                               


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