Avril Lavigne was born in Belleville, Canada, on September 27, 1984. She is a Canadian singer and songwriter. Some people believe in a conspiracy theory that she is dead and Melissa Vendelle has taken her place as if she is her. But, some people don’t believe in this and have given points on why. One reason people believe she is dead is because of her change in music. Alyssa Eckley shows a good point by saying, “Let’s take a second to remember the drastic change in Miley Cyrus’s music or Taylor Swift. Did we propose that they, too, had impostors? No, because that is a normal part of the music industry.” (Odyssey, 2017) The conspiracy on Avril Lavigne is thought that she had committed suicide and her best friend, Melissa Vandella has taken her place. Her first album was named “Let Go” and was released in 2002, when she was 18 years old. Before she came out with this album, she was living a normal life, but after releasing it, she couldn’t handle the popularity. She decides to hire a lookalike to deal with the paparazzi, this being Melissa Vandella, who soon becomes Avril’s best friend. An unknown source says that Melissa went to the studio with her one day and they thought it would be cool to teach her to sing like Avril. Moving onto the next year, 2003, Melissa was still working for Avril, and she was beginning to work on her next album. Unfortunately, her grandfather who was someone very close and special to her, passes away within this same year. She was so lost after this, she was crying in interviews and on stage, and couldn’t handle it. (prove this) She would lock herself in her apartment and write for weeks. When she finished writing she released this album, and it was very sad. Some sources say that she tried to kill herself because she couldn’t deal with the death of her grandfather. (source)  The theory is that she actually went through with this and committed suicide. Avril Lavigne was very popular around this time, and so they didn’t want to end her career. Her record company had her second album recorded so they just released that. Then, four years later, 2007, she released a third album called “The best damn thing.” She had a whole new look. It has been shown that some of her birthmarks are gone now, and they shared the same tattoo. This conspiracy actually was brought up to “Avril” in an interview and she got really nervous. (interview) Researching this topic, I ran into a few things. I looked up where this conspiracy theory had first originated. I found that it was first originated in 2012, in the Portuguese-language blog, named “Avril Esta Morta” or “Avril is Dead.” The originator admitted after this conspiracy has gotten a lot of reactions, that they only did that to prove how easy it is to give wrong information on social media and have people believe it. (Snopes, 2015)


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