Aung Zaw Tun (Aung)EOE: Ch 2, Writing Topic 1October 4, 2017Diagram                 Outlines·         Thesis statement§  Topic: Feeling on Leaving Home and Family for the First Time§  Controlling Idea: Reason for leaving home and family, and feeling and activities                                regarding this.·         Body§  Main Idea 1: Why did I have to leave home and family§  Main Idea 2: Feeling for before and after leaving home and family§  Main Idea 3: Activities before leaving home·         Conclusion§  Expressing the feeling on leaving home and family for the first time by different people, and how I can express my feeling on it.

 Question: At some point in all of our lives, we leave home for the first time. Describe the first day you lived away from your home and your family. What was the day like, and how did you feel? Describe what you were doing before you left home. Feeling of Leaving Home and Family for the First Time            All of us have left or will leave our homes and families in one day for various reasons; everybody may have special feelings and do some activities before they leave. Among leavings our homes and families, I think that the first time might be quite difficult for every person. People might have different feelings and experiences for the first time leaving their families and staying away from their homes.

I also had special feeling of living away from my family and home for my first time. Thus, I am going to describe about the reason why I had to leave my home for the first time, activities that I did before I left and my feeling before and after I left in the following paragraphs.            Firstly, I would like to express about the reason why I left my family for the first time. When I was in high school, I played a free reed wind instrument called Harmonica in the school music team. One day, our team received an invitation letter for the talent competition of music teams from different towns and different schools. And then, the administration committee of our music team decided to participate in the competition which would be held in the city of Upper Myanmar called Monywa, thereby we went to there and that was the very first time when I left my family and home.

            Secondly, I am going to mention about my feelings that came from the leaving home. Before I left my home, I was very happy by imagining about the competition and travelling to the new place that I had never been to. But, that happiness was thrown away by our music team leader by declaring that the next day we had to depart from our town to Monywa for competition. After I heard that information, I felt that the unpleasant feelings were coming to me from every sight, and I knew myself that I could not leave my home in real. In order to remove those unpleasant feelings, I cooked a lot of food and I requested my parents and siblings to eat together happily. Besides, we sang many songs and danced with the music.

However, I was crying and I could not eat anything while I was travelling to Monywa in real. That day was very terrible and I felt like nightmares were influencing me.            Finally, different people may have different feelings on leaving their homes and families for the first time, and they are going to express about their feelings for leaving home and activities that they did before they left by using the words or in a variety of way. But, as for me, it may not enough to express my feeling of leaving home and family for the first time by using the words.        


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