Athletics is a process that involves running faster, jumping higher or longer distances, or throwing some provided materials further than someone else. In addition, bicycle paddling, car racers and participation in football are also examples of athletic processes. It has been known for long and it is still known that athletes are among the successful persons in the world. Despite the much success associated with athletic activities, many risks are made by the athletic competitors in partaking their trainings and competitions.

Let it be clarified, however, that devoid of the proper training and directions, the well known successful athletes are none but a group of ordinary persons in the society.

Significance of athletics process

Participating in athletic activities is an essential element in life; this is because during athletics process body movements are made, hence contributing immensely to the normal health of an individual. In addition, during athletic process, individuals lose weight leading to reduction of health associated problems such as obesity and vessel blockages. Athletic activities also pays more well compared to other kinds of chores in the world. However, for an individual to be a successful athlete, he or she has to incorporate some steps in life. These steps include choosing of the right diets, thinking critically, having good listening and communication skills, input of much effort in athletic activities, undertaking trainings, avoiding risks, and having familiarity to athletic tools.

Picking of diet

First, a successful athlete has the responsibility of picking on the right diets that will enhance body fitness for a competition. This is because athletic process is all about contraction and relaxation of muscles, and incorrect foods results to difficulties in muscle building of an individual.

In addition to successful athletes taking the right diets, they should also learn to hydrate themselves in the period of summer. Body hydration aids in reducing of body weight by not only preventing accumulation of cholesterol, but also tissue clotting in the body tissues. Intake water also plays a crucial role in enhancing the body tissues remain in fitness for any activity including participating in athletics. In addition, during the summer period, a lot of water is lost from the body due to sun heating that cause profuse sweating, therefore; it is vital for athletes to take a lot of water to reduce cases of dehydration.

Thinking critically

Secondly, athletic activity involves extensive use of the brain for one to be successful. Therefore, successful athletes have the role of thinking critically in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches they make towards the problems they encounter in their daily athletic activities.

In so doing, they will not only learn from their own performance, but also from other individuals and make improvements where needed. In addition, thinking critically enables an athlete to participate effectively in a competition by making right decisions in partaking a competition, for example avoiding use of drugs.

Good listening and communication skills

Thirdly, athletic activity is all about listening and communicating. For one to be a successful athlete, he or she has to be active in listening to other people in order to gain an understanding of what athletic process entails.

For instance, during marathon process, individuals have to communicate effectively with each other in order to convey information on what should be done to improve chances of winning. Listening skill also plays a crucial role when individuals are about to undertake a competition. This is because in a competition many sorts of sounds are used to convey messages, for instance it is the role of the marathon athletes to pay attention to the sounds made for the start of a race.

Input of efforts

Fourthly, due to the challenge portrayed by athletics process, that is becoming a common element all over the world involving millions of people; it is the responsibility of athletes to put much effort in order to become successful. Although the duration of athletic process tends to be so long and too much involving, one has to be persistent and strong in undertaking practices in order to be successful. The athletic competition also is prone to challenges that have to be overcome by an athlete, for example, in athletic competition, there are always losers and winners, and a successful athlete has the responsibility of taking both results positively.

Undertaking of trainings

Fifthly, success in athletics is directly proportional to the rate of training; this is because the body in the process of training becomes adapted to the challenges involved in the strenuous athletic activity.

For instance, successful athletes in the process of training learn on how to manage their body movements to enhance speed movements. Therefore, it is the role of a successful athlete to undertake enough training in order to acquire body fitness before undergoing a competition.

Awareness of risks

Sixthly, due to some of the activities involved in the athletic process being violent and subjecting individuals to hazardous physical injuries each time athletic process is partaken; it is the responsibility of the athlete to take amicable steps. For instance, it is the role of an athlete to understand the risks involved in the athletic process and the best measures to take in avoiding them from happening in order to participate fully in a competition. Good examples are athletes involved in either hockey or bicycle peddling; such individuals have to use facial shields to prevent themselves from fatal accidents that may halt them from participating in a competition.

Material awareness

Finally, some of athletic activities involve the use of materials. Therefore, it is advisable for the athletes to equip themselves with enough knowledge of athletic materials needed to enhance success. For example, successful pedal exercisers need to have access to exercise bicycles to acquaint themselves with enough knowledge on how to partake paddling competition.

On the other hand, car racers are not exceptional, just as bicycle peddlers they also have to acquaint themselves with procedures required in athletics as well as the vehicles that they will use in the athletic competitions. In athletic competitions involving the use of materials, material familiarity is so essential and, it is not exceptional for an individual’s success.


In conclusion, successful athletes have to ensure that they have maintained healthy body fitness for the athletic competition through taking the right diets and trainings periodically. It is also advisable for individuals with aims of becoming successful athletes to learn on how to listen, and think critically while undergoing trainings, for this will aid the in taking in instructions during the competitions. Individual material awareness also plays a crucial role in enacting the success of an athlete.


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