At the beginning of the movie, I found myself watchingover a man named Eli who continuously walks for miles and miles in a world fullof scarcity where there is no life to live in because of the absence ofresources.

It can be seen that the setting of the movie that the world was awasteland where there are no abundant trees around to breath in, no resources offood to get in, insufficient water to drink, land areas got dried up andthousands of building stood and started to decay over the years and got rottenbecause of the chaotic past that has the world began before then. The storybegan to introduced Eli as a brave contender with a big heart and strong faithin God that no matter how hard life is, he continuously strives to survive inorder to protect what is inside of his bag. He got up into houses just to find supplieslike water and killed animals for food.

Eli continuously walks out of nowherewhich seems to be like he is not lost in the world. Day after day, he keeps onwalking under the heat of the sun and the lifeless land until he fulfills hismission in the world. As a lone person, Eli is determined and just keeping his headhigh as he protects a precious book inside his bag. This is not just anordinary book, but a book with hope and life that would open and widen theminds of its readers through the truths of the world. This is the Bible, theonly book that survived during the war. That is why Eli kept it so sacredly andprivately because it is the only thing that would reunite and restore humanityin the world as one nation and that could save us from the chaotic world welive in. This sacred book believed to be spread out throughout the nations andvoice out its message to the people who believe in the Lord.

Eli, as I referhim as the messenger of God, showed how strong and brave he is despite of thechallenges he has faced.                        Whilewalking in the midst of the empty land with no water to drink on and food toeat, he found a bunch of wrecked cars and saw a woman asking him for help. Butthis man, Eli sensed that it is a trap from a group of men.

Eli with his braveheart faced eye to eye these group of men who tries to overpower him but withhis skill, he fearlessly defended himself from death and turn down those men onthe floor. I believe that with his strong personality and faith in God, he wasgiven a gift of skill from God that would protect him and save him from anykinds of challenges because he has a purpose in life to fulfill. That firstaction scene in the movie, made me believe that Eli is a person to look afterbecause of what he has showed and how he defended himself from a group of menwhich keeps me on track to the next sequence of the story.

After which, hefound a remote area where few people live in. A village where powerfulindividuals’ controls over people. It is also a place where there are nosufficient resources that could sustain the life of many people.

This problemshowed in the movie is what we called scarcity in economics. Where it explainsthe improper allocations of limited resources which resulted to the inadequate watersupply in the ruined village. I fully understand now why the people in themovie lined up even if there is a long queue just to drink for the water. Thisis where the study of economics becomes so significant because of it allows usto understand little things that could answer our big questions in the world.As Eli, waited for his water, another man tested him and got up again intoaction. It is where he met a man named Carnegie and offer him a place to stayovernight. Little did he know, Carnegie saw a potential skill of Eli to becomepart of his troops because of what he saw from Eli’s fighting skills.

At night,Carnegie sends Solara the daughter of Claudia to satisfy Eli but being with adignity, Eli refuses and Solara seeks to stay so that her mother would not behurt by Carnegie. Solara saw the book that Eli’s taking care of. Out ofcuriosity, Solara tries to ask what the book is all about but Eli stayed firmnot to talk about it. The next day, when Carnegie knew that Eli has the sacredbook, he then sent his men to look out and search for Eli.                         Thescene where Carnegie finds Eli outside the village and ask for the holy Biblethat Eli have, it showed me how firm and strong personality he was to protectthe sacred book just in order to save it from immoral people.

It can beinferred that his actions are always with good faith in God and he proves to usthat no matter how hard the situation is, even if it is a matter of life anddeath, he is ready to fight for his life for our God. That is why, it made meinto conclusion that God sent him in the world for a purpose, a role that wouldchange the life of many and that would reunite again the world in to a betterplace. As gun shot was fired to Eli’s body, he remains to stay strong despitethe pain that he felt from the shot and with God’s guidance, He protected Eli’slife from death.

After this scene, I really thought that he would be in a lotof trouble because of Carnegie’s men fighting and firing gun shot againsthimself. In addition, I was even more amazed on every fighting scene of Eliagainst the bad guys because it made me more believed in his capacities becauseof how he showed faith in God. It made me even think more that we should neverunder estimate the power of God’s will. Solara also believed in Eli’scapacities, that is why she came and followed him throughout his journey.

Carnegieknew that if he gets the holy Bible from Eli, it will make him even morepowerful because many people would believe in him because of the power of thebook. As Carnegie’s men seeks for the book of Eli, the movie allows us to seehow the beauty of the world vanished because of our unwanted behavior to thenatural resources we have. The world cried out and resulted into a wastelandbecause we simply exhausted its limited resource, how we humans improperly usedit over time. That is why economics is here to educate us not only to answerwhy things happen and resulted like that but it also teaches us to know thesignificance of every resources and how it could greatly affect us. When themen and Carnegie found out where Eli and Solara was, they fired many gun shotsover them in the house were they went for water and supplies. When theysurrendered over them, Carnegie with his immoral acts fired a gun to Eli afterthey took the holy Bible from him.

After they shot him, Eli’s eyes speakthousands of words, begging for mercy and crying out for help. Solara could notdo anything to help him but to cry for justice.                         WhenCarnegie got the holy Bible from him, he smells power and strength over hisplans but after he opened up the Bible it seems to have no words or writings onit but full of braille dots wherein only blind people can read it. Eli andSolara got into a safe place and found good people to trust on and met a manwho can publish books, then it is where it all started. Eli elaborately tellsevery word of God that was written in the bible and the man patiently writesall what Eli says.

After that a new King James Bible was published to theworld. A Bible that can unite the humanity from the ruined world. Afterwatching the movie, I realized that every person in this world has a purpose tofulfil and has every reason that is happening in our lives.

It is with us onhow we can build greater faith and strong relationship with God. I have learneda lot from this movie not only knowing the importance of economics which it canbe applied in the context of the movie but also to have a greater faith andbelieve in God. I have learned to see more clearly the effects of economics inthe society especially with regard to scarcity that could affect our life onearth. As a graduating student from the pontifical, royal and catholicuniversity, I should have built a strong faith to our God because of the valuesthat the university upholds to each and every student.



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