At the age of 15, my father got me a marvelous machinecalled computer. Though I used it mostly for playing games in the start butslowly I started wondering how they were made.

As the years passed I understoodhow computer can do amazing things with just coding programs. Controllingcomputers and making use of coding statements to make innovations fascinated methroughout my high school. Hence after completing my senior secondary school, Idecided to pursue my undergrad studies in Information Technology. Completingthe undergraduate course from LDRP-ITR under KSV University not only helped meto gain technical skill set but also exposed me to vast potential areas ofcomputer science. Over the course of four years, I gained knowledge of variousprogramming languages. Started out with basic C to Application development andfinally to OOP with Java. My curiosity lies in Advance Java programming andArtificial Intelligence.

During the program, I got deeper understanding of physicalapplications of different concepts by working on many projects. In 4thsemester, I did documentation of “Restaurant Management System” includingrequirement gathering and project analysis. I extended my project further innext semester and developed a front-end of the same using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.In my final year, I developed a minor project on “Online BusPass System” using Core Java, which included a web application to issue a buspass along with verification. I did my major project on “Online CarpoolingSystem”. It was a website where users can create their own carpool rides orjoin others.

It also included a real time map interface where users can know theirarrival time and distance to destination point. These projects enhanced myskills in Eclipse software and MySQL database system software.I have also involved myself in numerous coding events in thetechnical fest of my University.

I also organized my own event “Err-X Snap chat”in my final year, learning intellectual skills and enhancing my technicalability. Added bonus, it trained me to realize the crucial role of team spirit.Overall, my experience was quite enriching.  With intention of contributing towards thesociety, I volunteered to teach underprivileged kids in a village by being apart of a NGO-Atma Shodh and also helped Ahmedabad Mirror group to successfullymanage New year party for 350 poor kids.

 After completing my course I joined with my father for sevenmonths to support him in the family business due to financial reasons. Now I seekMasters in Computer Science to uplift my career in this field. Having learned Leadership,Managerial and Inter-personal skills from a 15-year experienced man in businessalong with the advanced knowledge and much deeper understanding of concepts ingraduate course can help me achieving my ultimate goal of opening my ownsoftware company and becoming an accomplished entrepreneur. Knowing the importance of smile on a deprived kid, afterbeing a successful entrepreneur, I would like to create opportunities for themand impart my knowledge to uplift them in this growing digital age. I trusthaving expert degree in Computer Science along with global exposure will bringme never-ending opportunities. And this leads me to University of Manitoba andits M.

S in Computer Science. After completing my graduation I would work for 2years under Software Company to gain more experience and technical knowledge toboost my skills further.I would be keen on to pursue my graduation from Universityof Manitoba due to its excellent overall environment and outstanding facilitiesprovided to the students. The depth of program it offers along with the core andelectives courses make the perfect blend. I would specially like to work underProf. Neil Arnason and seek his guidance. His work in performance analysis ofnetwork systems is quite admirable.

I look ahead to being a part of such anhonored community of students and well-renowned professors and assure to keepup its legacy, and make University of Manitoba proud with my contributionsduring my studies and even after. 


I'm Erica!

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