ASSINGMENT – 2Reflectionon my life:+Why do I am here? Do I serve a greaterpurpose beyond the satisfaction I,get from my daily activities – howevermundane or heroic they may be? Is the meaning of life internal to life, to befound inherently in life’s many activities, or is it external, to be found in arealm somehow outside of life, but to which life leads? In the internal viewit’s the satisfaction and happiness I, gain from my actions that justify life.This does not necessarily imply a selfish code of conduct. The externalinterpretation commonly makes the claim that there is a realm to which lifeleads after death. My life on earth is evaluated by a supernatural being somecall God, who will assign to me some reward or punishment after death. Themeaning of our life, its purpose and justification, is to fulfil theexpectations of God, and then to receive my final reward.

But within theinternal view of meaning, I, can argue that meaning is best found in activitiesthat benefit others, the community, or the Earth as a whole. I strongly believe that India is subjected to the major problem socalled brain drain . Brain drain is a large emigration of individuals withtechnical skills or knowledge normally due to conflict or lack of opportunity.I think it is the responsibility of the youth to enrich the country and not toabandon it .when Nehru first started IITs his aim was to develop the besttalent in India for India. His dream was half realized.

It is our time tocomplete it .So, I think we young bloods have greater ability to effectivelydeal with various problems of our nation with our innovative ideas and zestfulactions  SimpleWays which made my Life Meaningful: Ø Following my  aspirations.Sometimes I, confuse aspirations with personal goals, but they are completelydifferent. Ø Being passionate Ø Living  by standard code of ethics. Ø Cultivating the compassionate. Ø Be kind and humble to all people. Ø Being in service to a greater cause.

 Ø Striving for a better future. Simplestways I, make my life more interesting: Ø Shaking up my morning routine. Instead of following the same wake-uproutine every day, I do it differently on occasion.

 Ø Being the host. Ø Going for full cheer. Ø Get a makeover. Ø Cut a rug.

 Ø Finding exciting people. Ø Planning an adventure trip.   Myskills: Ø Communication Skills.

 Ø  Honesty. Ø Technical Competency. Ø Determination and Persistence.

 Ø Ability to mingle in Harmony with poor people, small Kids and Olderpeoples.  Ø Eager and Willing to Add to Knowledge Base and Skills God’sPurpose for my existence : Ø Discovering the God’s-Given Purpose to me Ø Setting Goals to Fulfil my  God’s-GivenPurpose Ø Overcoming Fear of Criticism to Fulfil my Purpose the world     


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