Assignment 1         Zaire Basin Amusement park     Ryan Stenzel140858760ES295OCWilfrid Laurier UniversityTuesday, January 30th, 2018Zaire BasinProposalHave you ever wanted to go 100km/hrthrough the trees of a vast Rainforest biome? Or eat cotton candy whilestarring at hundreds of colorful butterflies? Well now you can with the Zairebasin amusement park.  The amusement parkwill be a massive 20 acre park deep in the heart of the Zaire basin, cuttingthrough the gorgeous Congo River and the surrounding trees. Our budget of 3billion dollars is sure to make it one of the biggest and best parks in theworld, as well as the first ever in the middle of a rainforest! The plannedbuild is to start January 2020 and be finished with gates to open on February 14th2022, wouldn’t that be a lovely valentine’s day.  The target consumer for this type of park isjust about everyone and anyone, ages 4-65 who loves either the outdoors orthrills, we expect it to bring in people travelling the globe to see the beautyof nature in the Zaire Basin but also the wild thrill seekers who want thefastest most dangerous Roller coasters ever created.

 This opportunity is a big deal for the ZaireBasin because it is a chance to share its true beauty to the world, thisenvironment is wonderful, the trees, the river and all the bountiful wildlife livingin it, people truly won’t want to miss this. EnvironmentalImpacts1.      Loss of habits for animals: clear cutting thetrees in order to make space for the amusement park will cause many animals tolose their habits. (Trumbull & Mark, 1995)2.      Increased Flood Hazards: due to clear cutting oftrees close to the Congo river, it can worsen floods due to trees not being ableto be barriers or used as sinks for the water. (Schanze, Zeman, & Marsalek, 2006)3.      Increased carbon dioxide levels: the manymotors, generators and other systems used to run the park give off carbondioxide, as well as the lack of trees there to take it in, could causeincreased carbon dioxide levels and be harmful to the global climate.4.

      Excess waste: the many concessions stands throughoutthe park will cause a lot of trash build up that could end up not beingcollected and instead find its way into the river or scattered throughout the rainforest. (Fiecke, 2017)5.      Damage to fish habitats: The clearing of theriver floor to put in a brand new dock system for the amusement park coulddamage fish species as destroying vegetation and debris that they live in.6.      Air pollution: The many lights, heaters andcooling systems and the power of the rides and facilities burn fossil fuels,which damage air quality and are harmful to the environment.

 (Weinhold, 2012)7.      Urbanization: The influx of people the parkbrings in between the workers and guests may cause there to be even moredevelopment, like more roads and maybe even a city with hotels, which wouldcause more deforestation and pollution. 8.      Lack of food for predators: predatory animals mayhave a lack of food source if clear cutting of rain forest and noise from parkcause prey to flee habitat, causing predatory animals to starve.  Environmental Impact Action Level Of Impact Mitigation Notes or Comments Loss of habits for animals Clearcutting rainforest High Only cut some trees and incorporate others in the park/design Have a sort of tree fort idea with some of the rides/attractions Increased Flood Hazards Clear cutting of trees close to Congo River High Build barriers, and water runoff systems. Have a flood specialist determine the threat level and steps to be taken to avoid flooding. Increased carbon dioxide levels Motors, generators, food stands Moderate Make machines that don’t give of carbon dioxide or recycle it.

Have each motor checked regularly for carbon dioxide emissions. Excess waste People, food stands Moderate Recycle as much as possible. Incorporate some sort of 100% recycled idea in the park. Damage to fish habitats Building new dock system, clearing out River floor Moderate Careful building of docks, to not damage water quality and vegetation. Create a fish sanctuary near the park to make up for loss of habitat due to docks. Air pollution Power of rides and facilities, heaters, cooling systems Low Air quality test to be done to make sure all machines don’t expel too many fossil fuels. Use electric motors where possible. Urbanization Need to build roads and city to deal with influx of people Low If a city or hotels needs to be built it could be an ecofriendly building design.

Use all recycled materials, to decrease environmental impacts. Lack of food for predators Prey flee habitat due to clear cut of trees and increased noise from park Moderate Could have a feeding frenzy aspect of amusement park. To feed predators Tourists attracted to feeding wild predators. ScopingProcess for Zaire Basin Amusement Park A few major  environmentalimpacts of the Zaire Basin Amusement park is the loss of habitat of animals dueto clear cutting trees for park, and increased flood hazards due to lack oftrees around the edge of the Congo river. Clear cutting of trees poses manyenvironmental hazards; one major impact is the loss of habitat for animals (Trumbull & Mark, 1995).This will be a major issue when clearing space for the amusement park. One stepthat will be taken in order to ensure that this will not be a major environmentalfactor is that not all trees will be cut down. Much of the trees that are therewill remain and used to give the park a treehouse feeling, this of course ineffort to keep animals habitats safe as well as an added feature to make thepark more unique for its guests.

 Flooding is a common issue for the parts surroundingthe Congo River, and deforestation is a leader factor of it. Mitigations thatwill be taken to prevent the flooding of the amusement park will be to put inbarriers along the flood plain to prevent increasing water levels to reach thepark, and to build water runoff systems within the parks design. With these mitigationstaken these environmental factors should be reduced, and ensure a great long lastingamusement park.  


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