Assalamualaikumand good evening everyone. My name is Nurul Nasuha. Before I start my speech, Iwould like to ask you a few questions. Are you tired for having stress inclass? Have you been for a vacation before? And if you have money and time,what is your vacation place that you want to go? So, today I would like torecommend and give information about a vacation that I have been experience inLost World Of Tambun about location and highlight, activities, and accommodation.            Lost World of Tambun is situated atSunway City Ipoh, Tambun, Kinta District, Perak, Malaysia.

It is a theme parkand hotel that located in the historic town of Ipoh, in the middle of theNorth-South corridor in Perak. Everythinghere has been done in an eco-friendly and educational manner (Mohamed Nazri,2013). The theme park is highlight on exciting water activities and wellknown for its natural hot spring.            There are many activities that youcan do at this theme park. One of it is Adventure River. It is one of the bestwater activities that I suggest for you to try.

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The longest man made adventureriver in Malaysia as you can experience the park in different light. Drift awayin a giant rubber tube, get a sight of ancient limestone hills and get soakedfrom above by a giant tipping bucket will truly give you an adventureexperience. For kids? No worries as you can let them explore the pirate shipride in Kids Explorabay. In Kids Explorabay, there are giant tipping buckets,water cannons, spraying elephants, water curtains and fountains. This iskids-only zone where adults cannot enter in this area.

Don’t forget to rideroller coaster, swing-chair ride Dragon Flight, 180 degrees pirate boat swingstorm rider and others at Lost World Amusement Park. U can touch the snakes andsee others animals at Lost World Petting Zoo and lively watch trained rangersconduct feeding time to Siberian Tigers at Lost World Tiger Valley.            For accommodation, Lost World Hotelprovide comfortable accommodation with fantastic room facilities including freewifi internet access, a flat screen TV and more. The distance just a stone’s throwaway from the Lost World of Tambun that situated at the foot of ancientlimestone hill.

In the Resort Category, the park was awarded as the World GoldWinner at the Fiabci Prix d’Excellence Award 2015, Petaling Jaya.  In the morning, you can enjoy breakfast atGarden Terrace with friendly and warm services from their staff.             In conclusion, I hope allinformation I’ve provided today about Lost World of Tambun can give you an ideaabout location, activities and accommodation.

For those who want an excitement,adventure and nature experience, you should consider this place your nextvacation. I would like to leave with a quote by Jessica de Bloom, a researcherfor Journal of Occupational Healthsaid that “People felt healthier during vacation. They had a better mood, they were less tense and had ahigher level of energy, and they were more satisfied with their life.”Thankyou.


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