As in Jamaica Kincaid’s other fiction, the topics of The Autobiography of My Mother investigate the end result for a young lady who experiences childhood in a cold family unit, for this situation the offspring of a mother who kicked the bucket at her introduction to the world. Mixed with Xuela’s prompt story is the narrative of the Caribbean island of Dominica, a land that once lived under the chilly stepparent of pilgrim run the show. Since Xuela never knew her mom, and since her dad is a removed figure in her life, her endeavors to reveal to her mom’s story expect her to disclose to her own story, starting with her dad saving her to be tended to by his laundress, as though she were another heap of messy garments.

The laundress has no more warmth for Xuela than she has for her own youngsters. Like other people who live in destitution in Dominica, she faces a consistent fight for survival, with no time for cherishing connections. As Xuela starts school, a few topics develop that shading her life. One is a picture of her mom dropping a step to her; in the vision, Xuela can see just her mom’s foot rear areas, albeit bit by bit she makes a photo of the entire lady in her creative energy and finally envisions a whole history for her.

In the meantime, Xuela starts to consider her dad, a remote man who visits her exclusive at times, a policeman whose life appears to recommend the conceivable outcomes of energy. As of now the youngster is starting to comprehend the incentive in having the capacity to influence others to do what she needs. At long last, as she goes to class, Xuela starts to comprehend the uniqueness of what she is instructed and what is really significant to life in Dominica. Her school is a result of English frontier lead, and its subjects are more appropriate for England than for a Caribbean island. For the duration of her life, Xuela has an excruciating awareness of the inheritance of expansionism. Xuela spends her childhood first in the laundress’ home, at that point in the family unit of her dad and his second spouse and her kids, and afterward in the home of a companion of her dad.

Her capacity to control others is combined with a developing sexual sense and also a summed up arousing quality. Therefore, her pre-adulthood and adulthood are set apart by a progression of sexual experiences and a few pregnancies (which she prematurely ends). Nobody could call these contacts relationships, in any case, for affection is outlandish for a young lady who feels as deserted as Xuela does. In the last segments of the novel, in seniority, Xuela envisions her folks’ romance. Her dad was the child of a Scottish mariner and a lady of African parentage; her mom was from the indigenous Carib individuals.

Xuela envisions their dress (dependably a subject important to her) and how they may have met, finally ready to put a face, despite the fact that a fanciful one, to her mom’s figure. At the point when at last Xuela weds, it is for power and sex as opposed to for affection. She realizes that she will never adore offspring of her own however will remain, maybe like the island of Dominica, a vagrant on the planet.


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