As per the reports Reliance Jio Coin is going to launch RelianceJio Coin very soon in India.

A team of 50 young professionals is working on theReliance Jio Coin idea and Mukesh Ambani’s elder son Akash Ambani is leadingthis project. Reliance Jio is working on blockchain technology in that datawill be stored on cloud for transactions. This will not be a physical serverwhere we can store data in a fixed limit. It will also prevent data theft andwill provide security to its consumers.  JioCoin may launch in February month so if you are planning to Buy Jio Coin thenread this article before you to take any steps towards this.

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Buy Jio CoinAny official announcement is not made by the Jio Authoritiesyet about the Jio Coin but some website are claiming that the price of Jio coinwill be 0.5$ which is equal to the 30-40 Indian rupees as the Dollar price varywith share market and other economical attributes. Jio Coin official website isstill not launched by the Mukesh Ambani or any other Jio Officials.

But we arehoping that with the the launch of Jio Coin, Reliance Jio will launch Jio Coin OfficialWebsite so that people can understand it in a better way. To but jio coin you need to log on to the official websiteof Jio coin or Jio Coin which will get launched soon. After that theapplication or website will ask you to register yourself with username or yoursome of your basic details. On the Jio Coin App you will get options to Know JioCoin and Buy Jio Coin. Firstly we will suggest you to understand Jio Coin andall its terms and conditions.

Further you can move to Buy Jio Coin steps.People who want to invest in Jio Coin are advised to waittill the Jio Officials announce about Jio Coin. There are many fake website andapplications that are running on play stores and working on the moto of user’s datatheft. So beware with any kind of fake applications or websites that ask youfor your any personal information.



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