As we’ve seen in the previousparagraphs, it is not just one skill that is needed. Personal development,communication, and being technologically savvy are skills needed in theworkforce. When combined, these skills help create great leaders, createpositive work environments, and are technologically savvy. Even as theworkforce changes if you have these skills you will be successful no matterthat changes may come.

Technologically Savvy. In today’sworld technology is everywhere. As time passes more and more places becomedigital. This means that more and more organizations are requiring you to befamiliar with computer applications.

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It is important to acquire basic ITskills. This helps increase your employment opportunities and marketability inthe workplace.Communication. Even before you beginto work within a company you must demonstrate your ability to communicate. Thisbegins in the process of the interview. During this short period of time, youmust convince this company that you have the skills necessary for the job. Ifyou communicated well enough during the interview, it doesn’t end there.Throughout your entire career this skill allows you to clearly state yourthoughts, ideas or opinions.

When done correctly, communication allows you toportray the message that that you are wanting to get across with lessmisunderstanding. This in turn leads to less mistakes in the workplace andhelps those working with you know exactly what is expected of them. Whencommunication has been mastered, you have the ability influence others andpresent ideas clearly. This allows for the best results possible. Everyonearound you knows what to expect of you and what you expect of them. Teamworkbecomes easier because you are clear in your ideas. Personal development.

Personal developmentis an important skill in the workplace because it creates leaders. Personal developmentisn’t just about wanting to grow within an organization. It is about having theright attitude towards the people you work with and for the people you help.When committed to personal development, you become a lifelong learner.  Any fear of change is absent, you embracechange, and are constantly evolving. Through personal development leaders learnto avoid negative emotions like anger or stress, which in turn allows them tobe patient and adaptable. With these qualities they are better able to helptheir fellow coworkers when a task may become difficult and allows cohesivenessin the workplace. These leaders learn to accept any feedback they may receiveand progress at a much faster rate because of their constant yearn to learn.

Not only can they receive feedback, but they also know how to deliver feedbackto others.  These leaders go on toinspire others in the workplace to be better versions of themselves andincrease productivity in the workplace.Many people have argued that theskills needed to be successful in todays workforce have changed.

However, in mytime that I have spent in the workplace, I’ve come to realize that some of thesimplest skills, are often missing. Simple behaviors like personal development,communication, and being technologically savvy are just some of the skills thatare needed to be successful in the workplace.


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