As it benefits a biography, Walter Isaacsoninitially talks about Jobs’ childhood, his adoption, and Apple’s beginnings inthe form of a story. Later, the turbulent career, from the development of theApple I on the first Macintosh, the flop NeXT, his success with PIXAR to thelegendary iPhone and iPad, is chronologically described in detail. Partly withleaps in time into both the future and the past, which was sometimes confusingbut not disturbing.

What wasincredibly interesting are the sections on PIXAR. Under his direction, PIXARdelivered one blockbuster (Toy Story, Monster AG, Finding Nemo, Above, …)after another, leaving some reputed production companies in the dust.

This lookbehind the scenes is very impressive and the meaning of the PIXAR lamp jumpingon the I before the the PIXAR movies start now finds its origin.


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