As soon as this occurred, organizations can learn how to influence their workers to adapt to changes to their organizational structure. One example can be derived from Mary’s method of dealing with this particular dilemma. Firstly, she tries to find a solution that will help both employees. She discusses the issues on hand between Joe and Mary and identifies the problems that they are facing.

The first issue was raising awareness of both persons values and ideas when it comes to organizational culture. Joe is frustrated with communication problems whereas Courtney is more flexible with changes in the ways of communicating. During this meeting, we learn that Joe is a more traditional person and expects Courtney to come in for a meeting instead of using “face time”. Joe is not comfortable with Courtney’s decision to use “face time” and he’s not used to the way culture is changing. Joe represents the traditional corporate culture on the other hand Courtney represents the changing of an organizational culture because she doesn’t see anything  wrong  for participating the meeting from home.

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Mary is in between both views and she believes the part of the issue of this problem is that coworkers are not familiar with each other. She states that regardless whether the employees are in the same room together, the conflict between them still remains. She suggests more informal meetings in order for the employees to gain trust and get to know each other.

If this happens, she believes that working at a distance has some benefits. Mary plays a crucial role in this organization because she helps find a solution to deal with changing in the organizational culture. Prior to this issue, we can deduce that this particular organization had a weak organizational culture because their values weren’t widely shared and the employees have little connection between shared values and behaviours.

However, after the issue was resolved, the organization transitioned into a stronger culture because now both values were shared because Courtney and Joe learned to adapt to different cultures. From this experience, we notice skills such as team building and communication played a crucial role in this issue. Furthermore, other organizations learn from this, that we have to be more sensitive to other people’s culture and they will have to be sensitive to yours in order for a workplace to be more successful.



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