As usual, when taking your shower, it’s the same story: you do not stop singing .

 You start with the songs of the moment looping on the radio, then you chained on the great classics of Disney (a safe bet), and finally, you end with a “small freestyle session” where you give free rein to your imagination. But each time, in these moments of absolute grace, it is your shampoo that acts as a microphone. Aware that your Tahiti Douche will not help you record your most beautiful melodies (or if it is the case, go ahead to patent your invention, you hold something  ), you finally decide to invest in a real microphone.Neither one nor two, you go in recognition on the web to try to clear the ground and see what is done. And there …

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It’s the cat. You quickly realize that the world of microphones is far from welcoming . There are dozens of brands on the market, tons of different models , and countless features unique to each model. Static, dynamic, small or large diaphragm microphones … super cardioid directionality, sensitivity to 5 mV / Pa, 123 dB SPL level .

.. In short, for you all this is Chineseand you do not understand anything . So how do you navigate this jungle  ?Well, just ask for my help.   This situation, I know it indeed very well to have experienced it myself. It took me years to understand all the technical features related to microphones. So I decided to write this file to save you time . I really wanted to start all over again , and put things right once and for all.

 After reading it, you will benefit from all the necessary knowledge to make your choice. You will then be able to easily find a microphone that will perfectly meet your needs .However, I want to warn you: this file is long and quite technical . To make it a little more digestible, I decided to split it into two separate articles . But hey, each article averages 4,000 words, so whatever happens, you’ll get reading.  .

In the first article of this file, we will be interested in different families of microphones . In the second, we will talk about the technical characteristics of each microphone, and finally, to close it all, I will share my small personal selection of microphones .


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