As the world of science develops new medicine and technology allows us to help cure tragic accidents or diseases one of which is paralysis. Paralysis is where you cannot move a certain part of your body or even all of your body. Fortunately there are new technologies for hope such as a device called the “Epidural Spine Stimulation”. (ESS) and a “bionic exoskeleton” lets see how these new developments in this tech offer hope for paralyzed people.One device that helps paralyzed people is called “Epidural Spine Stimulation” this device has helped 4 people and is still in testing it sends all messages to your brain to move even though it’s a weak signal it helps. “Essentially having this device recreates you spines potential (Ariel Schwartz, essentially having this device allows the spine to do what is used to do before the person got paralyzed.

“After a while white the device the patients could stand for a long time on their own and run on a treadmill and even do sit ups”. So yes not only does this help the spine but it helps other body parts like toes and legs. The Ess offers hope to paralyzed people by recreating their spines potential combining the Ess with a helpful therapy called “locomotor training” this can help a lot of people once it out of its testing phase. Another device that helps is a bionic exoskeleton this specific one is called “esko” or eLEGS which stands for “Exoskeleton Lower Extremity Gait System”. The bionic exoskeleton activates parts of a body. With the help of a BCI which stands for Brain Computer Interface another technology that helps paralyzed people the back helps connect to external devices like a prothstetic limb. The bionic exoskeleton works by weight when the person shifts their weight they move.

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This can help a lot because I Order to move all you really have to do is lean. This is how a bionic exoskeleton works and offers hope. The Epidural spine stimulation helps by making the spine work again allowing for movement again from electrical signals from the brain. The bionic exoskeleton helps people by helping the move with a simple task. These are the new technologies that can be used to help epitome and they are ever changing and updating to be the best and to help paralyzed people.


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