As the world descends deeper into isolationism, Fashion’scapability to communicate past borders, languages and time zones is acompelling thought when thinking about what is going on in the world right now.A message through clothing can be more powerful than ever right now.

 My motivation to do this course comes from the role modelsand experiences in my life. The role models in my life are my friends as theycontinue to support inspire and influence the work that I create and that isvery important to me for the progression of my work. I would like to think thatone-day people would be inspired and motivated by my own hard work.  My interest in fashion has developed and is influenced byartists such as Francis Bacon, a figurative painter.

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I really find his workinfluential because he produces such grotesque and beautiful imagery in hispaintings. ‘Figure with meat’ (1954) is one of many interesting paintings Ithink. I like because it is very raw and unconventional to what a paintingsshould look like. Adriana Sahar has strongly influenced my work. She producesthese outgoing and boldly printed clothing, sometimes using animal prints andcoloured faux fur. Her use of print and colour is what I love most about hercollections. I have pursued my commitment in fashion by assisting astylist named Yuki Haze on a photo shoot. I was able to converse with designersand stylist, gaining added insight on how they work.

Furthermore it was soexciting to see how the designers, stylists, makeup and photographers cometogether and collaborate as a team.  My foundation course has allowed me to try new things thatI’ve never experienced before. It also encouraged me to further reflect on howI can apply the techniques and skills into my practice. For example I wastesting the manipulation of different materials.

I experimented with plasticand how it could be transformed in different ways. I heated the plastic upwhich resulted in it being easier to bend, twist and experiment with. Tofurther develop I produced illustrations of the twisted plastic material usingit as an unconventional piece of clothing. An influence for the designs wasIris Van Herpen. She makes clothing using 3D materials, experimenting with 3Dprinters in a way that excites me.

 Group tutorials that were taken place during the foundationcourse have been pivotal in my development. Giving and receiving feedback with constructivecriticism that I could further improve on and resulted in me being more confidentin my work and myself. These tutorials have helped me to prepare for thiscourse as I am now able to take feedback as a way of people are helping me tobecome better in my practice and future career aspirations.  Specifically, I feel that this course will provide me with awide knowledge and understanding within the industry and of my work. I hopethat my experience at university allows me to work more independently and sharemy ideas with others and work alongside other creative individuals to producethe best work.  


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