As a woman, you must have been worn high heels at some time in your life. They are sexy after all; reveal every definition in your legs. Women wear high heels for any number of reasons, whether to look taller, to accent the shape of their legs or also to boost your confidence level when you are higher or sexier than others. Have you girls ever noticed when you see a lady in a pair of these shoes she walks a little different?  Her butt lifts a little higher, her legs appear to be longer, and her body appears to be leaner, but did you know that over time those high heels can cause major damage to your feet and other bad effects? According to a 2014 survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) found that nearly half of all women (49 per cent) wear high heels. Not too surprised, the majority of heel wearers (71 per cent) justify that the shoes hurt their feet. That is why I strongly disagree with those people who say that woman should wear high heels.

So today, I would like to persuade you all not to wear or reduce the frequent you wear the high heels because it can easily lead to knee and ankle injuries, cause permanent bone damage until old and does not safe in risky condition. First and foremost, women should aware not to wear high heels because it can easily lead to knee and ankle injuries. An October 2013 study in the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology found that walking in 2 ¾ inch heels increases lateral movement of the knees toward and away from each other. This can cause broken of ankles and other likely injuries. Problems with the feet then affect the leg and lead to injuries in the back, knees and hips.

From the weight being pushed forward onto the balls of the feet, your knees take extra pressure on it. Harvard study found that wearing two-inch heels puts 23% more pressure on the inner knee than wearing flats does. This can cause your hip flexors and calf muscles short and tight.

Back problems or injuries are incredibly common in women who don’t give up their high heels.  Besides, permanent bone damage is also a significant reason why women should reduce wearing or not wearing high heels at all. When you are wearing heels, your toes are at a level lower than the heels of your feet. In fact, the weight of your body is pushing severely right into the bones of your toes. It changes your posture. This is lead to the changing of the alignment of your bones which leads to your knees and lower back having to move into uncomfortable positions to maintain your balance in heels. The action is enough to make your bones more fragile but it gets worse.

This is a high risk factor for permanent bone damage which is osteoporosis.From a research, it is shown that there is a connection between prolonged high heel use and decrease in synovial fluid in the joints. If there were no synovial fluid, your joints would constantly rub against each other and start to erode because synovial fluid is a lubricant that exists in the joints of bones to reduce friction. The lack of synovial fluid and the resulting problems can affect your balance, thus increasing your risk of a fall. Your bones will get weaker because the continuous friction will lead to loss of bone density.  Injuries to your bones can increase your risk of osteoporosis. Last but not least, women who wear high heels are not safe in risky condition.

High heels are not safe in a threatening situation. If you are in a risky situation, you really need to make a quick of exit. For instance, if you are kidnapped or robbed, running in heels is for sure not an option. It is not safe and it is not easy. Before starting a journey by your car, you should ensure that ‘attire and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct way or manner’. It has stated by the Road Transport Department.Driving in unsuitable shoes, especially high heels can lead to many problems.

It will get your heel stuck in the vehicle’s floor. In addition, the heel of your foot needs to be on the floor to get the correct action of the pedal. High heels are really disturbing and distort the ability to measure how much pressure needs to be applied on it.

That can easily lead to accident when you cannot break the car properly. It may be safer to swap to flats when in a situation that may require you to use your feet at full functionality.To conclude, it is important to remember that wearing high heels can give bad impacts to your life. If you wore it more frequent, it can easily lead to knee and ankle injuries, cause permanent bone damage and does not safe in risky condition. Why would we as women look so attractive but at the end not happy and risk being in pain? Make a good choice of your footwear and live happily without pain! 


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