As a blogger or content creator you are probably aware of the importanceof traffic but for some reasons, some bloggers lay more emphasis on conversionrather than traffic.  Don’t get me wrong, conversion is the soul of digital marketing,creating a product or a blog post that people not only look at but as well  interact with is what makes an online businessa success.

 This write up is not against you having to focus on conversion as thisis not my intention one bit. The vital essence of this write up however is tointimate you on reasons why you need to focus on increasing the traffic to yourweb page(s) instead of trying to optimize conversion.  In the bid to intimate you I will let you in on reasons why focusing ontraffic generation ought to be your major priority instead of conversionoptimization.  Although if you generate a reasonable amount of traffic to your websiteit makes sense that you also ought to receive a fair amount of conversion. Ifnot, it is mandatory that you look into ways of increasing your conversion.  If you spend money at optimizing conversion rate, then it will interestyou to know that you are not alone as almost 75% of companies prioritizeconverting customers into paying clients more than the number of people thatvisit their website on a daily basis.  At this point, the question you might have on your right now is thetruth as to whether or not that approach is appropriate and professional and ifat all a better approach that can improve the overall stats of the business ifone is willing to give it a try. and courage to take extreme risk to dowhatever it takes to transform that concept into reality One very critical truth that you must hold very dear particularly whenrunning an online business is the firm resolve to be flexible in businessmethods and strategies.

An entrepreneur and a successful one at that is nevertired of trying out something different from the norm with the courage to take extreme riskto do whatever it takes to transform that concept into reality which in this case study will behaving to switch focus from conversion optimization  to expansion of the amount of traffic on youryour website. This body of truth remains that which lots of blog posts  have not willing to come into terms with butthis does not in any way negate the fact that there is no harm at all inattempting to challenge the status quo by doing something different Still not convinced?  Here are four reasons why focusing on traffic will most likely be moreprofitable to your business or brand than focusing on conversion optimization.  1.   Traffic brings about an increase in the number of conversions A good amount of quality traffic is tantamount to an increase in thenumber of conversions on your website.  Instead of focusing on increasing conversion which could most likelyimprove sales, or will involve spending a lot of money and not making enough inreturn. It will be wiser to focus on increasing traffic to your site.  If 1000 people visit your site daily, chances are that you will convertless than 5% of people if you have quality content on your website.

 If you chose to increase the traffic to your site and get another 1000people that will mean you convert another less than 5% into regular visitors orcustomers. All this for a small amount of work compared to the load of workwhen you focus on conversion optimization.  When you choose to focus on conversion, chances are that you will beconverting at a slower rate than having to focus on increasing traffic.  Once you have a website already which converts, it makes more sense towork on increasing the number of traffic to your already converting websiteinstead of seeking extra ways of conversion. The mere fact that you have a website that converts naturally providesthe safe assumption that visitors are taken by your content creation strategynonetheless ensuring sustaining the quality of content on the website and atthe same time increasing traffic.

 Above anything else, there is a dire need  to build a healthy relationship with newvisitors to your website as this gives them a sense of belonging knowing thattheir presence and contribution is very much appreciated by you.  Once you have a fair conversion rate, then it’s better to focus ondriving additional traffic instead of changing the font or color of yourtheme.    2.   Traffic increases awareness  You should know this by now.  Focusing on traffic generation means spreading the word out about yourbusiness, reaching out to more people will bring about new customers and eventuallylead to more sales. It’s as simple as that!  Citing the instance of content marketing; you need to put together aquality blog post for your intended audience, run some advertisements on socialmedia (Facebook, Twitter) and send out and send out an Email to your list.  Of course people will interact with your article, both of which includethe already existing customers and potential customers.

The new customers mostlikely haven’t seen or heard about the business before but with just a littleeffort at increasing your traffic brought the business to their notice, anothercategory includes people who haven’t heard about you before, but now know yourname, your logo, read your blog post and sign up for your email list and in thelong run buy from you when they are pretty satisfied with the quality of yourrendered service. The highest marketing challenge for a high percentage of businesses isusually in traffic generation and leads. You most likely should know this by now thereby making this anon-contestable issue.  But you might need some more convincing line of thoughts on the need tofocus on increasing your brand awareness than on conversion.  The majority of social media marketers aim at increasing their brandawareness, by way of creating some kind of frenzy about their business whichmakes people want to interact with them to find out what the buzz is about. Andonce they learn about the business and see how important the brand is to themthen take an extra step into becoming a part of the brand (either by signing upfor your newsletter, email list of buying your product).

 The importance of brand awareness cannot be overemphasized, the moment peoplelike your brand, there is every tendency that they will mention the same totheir friends about you and from there relate with other friends how relevant theyfind your product or services important. With just a little effort at brandawareness you’ve been able to avail yourself followers who will turn shoulderupon themselves the task of performing the publicity without  even telling them, This in itself is what I’dregard as “The power of brand awareness” which was made possible via a littleinvestment in increasing traffic.  3.

   Traffic increases your potential on a long-term  The ever increasing number of people willing to interact with you isdependent upon the ever increasing awareness of your brand. Unlike conversion,traffic has a positive effect on your brand in the long term. Changing the CTAfont of your theme may increase the number of people that stay on your webaddress but you can’t compare the long-term effect that increase in traffic hason your brand.

 Gaining the trust of people on brand requires time thus increasing yourtraffic increases the number of people who will be willing to connect with you.Some might not still not  see anyparticularly need to immediately to sign up for your email list or buy yourproduct because they have no need for it at the moment, but once the needarises they will run to sign up or buy your product.  Most businesses focus on trying to increase customer retention andloyalty and this requires quite some length of time.  Placing focus on traffic might not bring in any sales at the moment butit will certainly bring in revenue in the future. In a short while, you’d havegained a large number of followers who will tell about you to others therebyyielding a good amount of revenue causing you to smile to the bank.  Creating and publishing a quality content will affect your business inthe long term as it will prove to your followers that your brand is an expertin its niche and that you know what you are talking about.

 Once you have been able to dissolve doubts in the mind of the clients inthe way you interact with them, some will just desire to reward you by buyingyour product or signing up for your list.  Traffic is a sure way to improve your business in the long term whilemaintaining quality content and a good relationship with your followers.  4.   Traffic informs you on what to do  Traffic equips you with the necessary information you need to makeimprovements to your website.  You cannot perform an  A/B testwithout using traffic. This is to say that traffic is what you need to informyour conversion strategy and techniques.

 As earlier stated, without a good deal of traffic you will not getvisitors which will in turn bring confusion as to exactly how to makeimprovements to your website.  By improving your traffic, you avail yourself the opportunity to iterateon your conversion by knowing how to better optimize your page, column,advertisements, sidebar and so on and as such, the only way you can be sure ofproducing meaningful results is to increase your traffic.  Having to spend money on tests to increase conversion without meaningfultraffic will most likely not yield positive results.

 In conclusion  It’s true that conversion is important for any brand since this is howyou remain in business. But if you wish to remain in business, then it is important to focus ontraffic which will ultimately lead to more conversion.Traffic increases your brand awareness,increases your potential on the long-term and provides you with the necessaryinformation you need to perform accurate tests which leads to increase inconversion.


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